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Today allergy is a leader among all diseases in the world. The human body is every day in contact with hundreds of varieties of allergens. Most of us are able to successfully deal with them but the rest cannot. Pollen, dust or any other substance that get into the body cause reaction.

Allergy is an insidious thing. A person can live a half-life and don’t even know about its presence and it may occur at any time.. If you noticed any allergy symptoms do not delay the visit to the doctor. Self treatment or ignoring the problem can lead to serious consequences such as asthma or sinusitis.

Mast cells begin to produce active substances - mediators. They act on receptors in the throat and nose, resulting in a soft tissue and mucosal edema. The most important mediator of allergic is histamine. Anti-allergic drugs inhibit its action and decrease the risk of developing characteristic symptoms. This applies to various types of allergies including food or seasonal.

Despite the high effectiveness of these agents, they are not able to fight equally well with all the symptoms of allergy. In these cases it is necessary to take additional drugs but only with the permission of your doctor.

Using antiallergics you should follow some rules:

  • It is necessary to drink in the evening drugs that cause drowsiness. Do not drive if you have taken such medicine. Otherwise you risk not only your own life but also the lives of people.
  • Be sure to ask your doctor or pharmacist about possible interaction with antihistamines.
  • Anti-allergy drugs may be contraindicated to people with diseases such as heart failure, prostate enlargement and arterial hypertension as well as if you have problems with the liver, kidney, thyroid, glaucoma, elevated intraocular pressure. Consult with your doctor because only he can prescribe medication that is safe for you.
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women should be very careful with the choosing of medicines. If possible then it would be better to refuse its taking.

As medicine and pharmaceuticals are moving on the medicine for allergies is constantly being improved thereby achieving higher efficiency and fewer side effects. So, the latest tools are known as allergy drugs of the new generation. As a rule they are much more expensive than their predecessors, but they can alleviate the patient's suffering in the minimum time.

Medications that treat allergic rhinitis. They prevent the development of allergic rhinitis by reducing the production of a substance which is leading in the development of allergic reactions. This substance contributes to nasal congestion, disruption of the airway.

Medications that treat eye allergies. They eliminate the symptoms of the eyes allergy: itching eyelids, swelling and redness of the mucous membranes of the eyes.

In skin allergies usually use tablets Generic Xyzal, Generic Allegra or cream Generic Elocon. The drugs have a pronounced anti-allergic effect, reduces tissue swelling, quickly reduce itching.

In most cases these drugs give only a temporary effect. When you take it then you feel a relief and when you stop allergy again comes back. If specific immunotherapy and antihistamines didn’t help then that can mean that the disease could take more serious forms. In this case you have to undergo hospital examination and treat the whole immune system in general.

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