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Most doctors consider alcoholism a disease but people whose relatives and friends are alcoholics call it debauchery. In fact these two versions are true. No matter how people call it, it is still a problem that should be solved. Looking at the effects of alcoholism such as epileptic seizures, deaths you can agree with the doctors.

As a result of permanent intoxication decreases the ability to work, welfare and moral values. When alcoholics do not drink alcohol for some time they are suffering and to alleviate that suffering they repeats the consumption of alcohol again and again.

Mainly alcohol abuse affects the liver which can cause diabetes. The liver is responsible for keeping blood sugar at the same level but as it is busy recycling the alcohol (its metabolism) then the level of your blood sugar may decrease and lead to hypoglycemia. To work your brain needs energy as well as he does not get it alcoholics can feel hunger, headache, tremors and coma in severe cases.

But relatives of alcoholics can be understood because they have to watch how alcohol kills their loved ones day by day and nobody forces them to do it, they do it on their own initiative.

Blaming alcoholics in infirmity is useless because it is a disease, and when a person is a binge drinker then he cannot stop. Hangover and alcoholic psychoses also refer to disease. To flush out the alcohol from the body can only doctors in the hospital because at home it is very difficult to do. If an alcoholic experienced delirium tremens then hospitalization is a must since this condition can lead to death.

To debauchery belongs the first shot. Sober alcoholics are perfectly adequate people but as soon as they take the first sip they cannot stop they are unable to control their actions, words and become dangerous to the society. So the question of binges depends on sober man.

Many people do not consider alcoholism a disease because what kind of disease it is if you can decide whether you are sick today or not. The main guilt of alcoholics is not that they have started but that they don’t want to stop and they are responsible for the appearance of the disease and its consequences.

Alcoholism is progressive and its natural course proceeds in three successive stages. The transition from one stage to another is smooth and quietly. This disease never begins suddenly. Surprisingly you can get the flu but not alcoholism. The first stage of it is always preceded by a seductive stage regular "cultural" drinking, often in the range of one to ten years.

First stage is when you drink whenever you want in any amount and cannot control yourself when you are drunk. This stage can lasts for few years because people don’t have hangovers and health complaints.

Second stage is same as first plus hangovers. At this stage usually people quit or make efforts to quit because they can notice problems with health and in relationships.

On the third stage usually occurred severe illnesses but even during it some people quit unfortunately after many years of struggling.

These people will never drink in moderation. Moreover, they cannot drink at all and especially decide when it is enough.

There are two ways out of this problem: you slowly walk to death or begin to live a healthy life without drinking.

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