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Birth control pills belong to drugs based on hormones that can prevent unintended pregnancy. Their action is based on inhibition of ovulation process and fertilization cannot occur. Hormonal contraceptives include birth control pills that contain artificially synthesized hormones, which are very similar to that which is produced in a woman's body by its composition and properties - estrogen and progestogen.

To start take these drugs you should from the beginning of the menstruation but also you should take into account a large number of side effects, the individual characteristics of each woman in choosing the least dangerous contraceptives. To make the right choice would help you specialist - gynecologist.

Before choosing birth control pills you have to do the following:

  • To consult with gynecologist;
  • To consult with breast specialist;
  • To do blood tests for biochemistry (glucose, AST, ALT, lipid profile);

When you visit a doctor tell him about: age, weight, height, regularity of menstrual cycle, the presence of pain and duration of the cycle, obstetric and gynecological history (number of pregnancies, births and abortions). Second place takes questions about: skin problems, chronic illness or propensity to obesity.

Woman should understand that the choice is strictly individual as the same product may not suit different patients. The specialist will help you to choose the best pill to take.

They have several positive effects:

  • Reduce or even eliminate discomfort and pain during or before menstruation;
  • Regulate failures of the menstrual cycle;
  • The use of contraceptives reduces the risk of inflammatory diseases of the female reproductive system;
  • They have the ability to reduce the risk of iron deficiency anemia;
  • During taking hormonal contraceptives significantly reduce the likelihood of developing cancer pathology;
  • Contraceptives based on hormones is a way to prevent ectopic pregnancy;
  • In women that take birth control medication, significantly reduced the likelihood of developing osteoporosis which is the most dangerous effects of menopause;
  • Hormonal agents have a positive therapeutic effect on certain skin diseases.

Hormonal medications are the most reliable in the world. A huge number of women use them daily for the purpose of contraception. The mechanism of these tablets is very simple because they contain synthetic hormones, which put ovulation on pause.

A woman who preferred tablets should get acquainted with possible side effects:

  • Around 5% of the hormonal drugs can cause temporary or lasting hypertensive effect. Therefore, special attention to drug selection should be paid by patients with hypertension;
  • Gallstone disease. Pills cannot cause stone formation and their accumulation in the gallbladder but existing cholelithiasis can often escalate;
  • Failures in the menstrual cycle. Using of contraceptives is often accompanied by disorder in women’s cycle. Most likely at the first months of use it manifests itself through intermenstrual bleeding with varying degree of severity or absence of menstruation. The described effects disappear in 2-3 months, so do not take them as reason to stop taking the tablets. If the menstrual cycle is not recovered then you should contact your gynecologist for selecting another contraceptive;
  • Weight gain. Almost 97% of the experts associate this effect with the wrong regime and diet or with the lack of physical activity. Modern contraceptives contain low doses of the hormone which cannot greatly affect body weight;
  • Changes in breasts. Women can be disturbed by discomfort, engorgement glands or their reduced elasticity. It mainly depends on the concentration and components of the drug and their individual tolerance;
  • Headaches. Sometimes it is necessary to stop taking the pill because the patient may experience severe spastic headache accompanied by visual impairment or hearing impairment;
  • Lability of mood. Contraceptives rarely may cause mood-changes but if a women is sure in it then she need to seek for medical help;
  • Changes in sex drive. Most of the patients noted improvement in sexual life because disappears the fear of unwanted pregnancy. But in some cases libido reduces and if it is caused by contraceptives then the patient must visit a specialist;
  • Taking hormones may affect the color of skin and some open areas of the body exposed to solar radiation.

Birth control pills are divided into three groups:

  1. The combined pills;
  2. Mini pills;
  3. Emergency contraception.

First one has a regulating effect on ovulation preventing it. The second effect of drugs is that they change the density of mucus in the cervical canal; resulting sperm cannot penetrate into the uterus and fertilize the egg. They are contraindicated in breastfeeding, pregnancy, malignant breast tumors and diabetes.

Second one blocks a hormone that is responsible for normal ovulation. The advantage is the ability of women with high blood pressure can use it and during lactation. Because of the lack of a hormone some side effects occur much more frequently and are more pronounced: frequent headaches, insomnia, abdominal pain and cramping, fatigue and not high efficiency.

In some cases, a woman needs emergency contraception, for example, after an unplanned unprotected intercourse. They should be used rarely.

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