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There are plenty of pharmacies in Turkey. Each Turkish drugstore has a sign of a green cross and the inscription «ECZANE» on it. All drugstores Turkey in cities are open from 6am to 7pm from Monday to Saturday. In each city — large and small — exist duty pharmacies that operate around the clock and seven days a week. They are usually located in a close proximity to major medical centers.

Turkey has adopted the so-called "American model" of medicine that involves treatment of all diseases with medical products, without the use of techniques of alternative medicine (herbs, tinctures, etc.). In Turkey exists an open form of sales in Turkish ​drugstores, but on display are not seen dozens of different packages of the same product from different manufacturers.

In most cases, patients in Turkey have health insurance and do not self-medicate. They see a doctor, who prescribes the medicine. If a prescription was discharged in a public clinic or in a hospital with the valid insurance system, part of the amount of the drug is covered by the aforementioned insurance. If a medicine has been written out by a private physician, whose consultation is not covered by the aforementioned insurance, a patient will have to pay the full cost of the medicine.

Medications are expensive in Turkey. Also, please note that Turkey is a tourist country. Often apothecaries are practicing such a method with tourists. Although payment in pharmacies is in Turkish lira, in tourist areas prices are set in dollars or Euros, which significantly raises the price of drugs.

At present time, online shopping of medicines in Turkey is becoming increasingly popular. This is easily explained by taking into account the following advantages: time saving, electronic shops are open all day and without days off. Often products are 10-30% cheaper, thereby the owners do not need to pay for rent, hire many consultants and managers and there are no other extra charges, especially if the drug store owners cooperate directly with manufacturers. In addition, for new and regular customers often are discounts, promotions or other alluring prospects.

The most important thing is to use a proven and well-known Turkish electronic drugstore. Our service exists to help Internet users find such Turkish online chemistry. Compare different website, its help you choose best turkey pharmacy.

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Fill up an order form form Turkey online pharmacy. Once you found a reputable online pharmacy form Turkey, navigate to the order page. You may be required to submit a scanned version of your prescription and supply your credit card number. On the other hand, you may be required to register with the online pharmacy form Turkey if you need remote consultation prior to ordering. Pay special attention in filling up your order form regarding product quantity, dosage, and other pertinent information about your order. However, refrain from giving your credit card number unless you are sure that the site will protect your personal information. A confidentiality and privacy policy is a good place to start reading.
Search for a reputable online pharmacy form Turkey. There are several qualities that make an online pharmacy form Turkey, reputable. These include selling quality drugs, providing accurate product information, having strict confidentiality and privacy policies. If in doubt, it is better to opt for an Turkey online pharmacy of a major pharmaceutical firm or the online counterpart of your neighborhood drug store.
Online pharmacies form Turkey provide tracking numbers for your orders. Keep these on hand and log in regularly at the Turkey online pharmacy to find out the status of your order. For added information, check the websites delivery policy. If you have any question about your order, contact the online pharmacy form Turkey through email, by phone, or by chat support.
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