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Nowadays Suomi (Finland) has more than eight hundred different pharmacies and pharmaceutical stations. This is a country in which has recently gained popularity so-called "pharmaceutical tourism".

Finland​ Drugstores staff speaks not only in Finnish, but they can communicate in two or more languages, which makes it possible to better understand visitors and provide them with high quality advice. However, a foreigner cannot buy a drug that affects the central nervous system. This is mainly oncological drugs. Narcotic drugs and treatments are not for sale to foreigners, even with a certified prescription. The above drugs cannot be imported into the country or be taken out. They are only designed for domestic consumption.

«University pharmacy» is the leading pharmacy in Suomi. Drugstores open relatively early for Suomi, at nine o'clock in the morning and close at six or eight. It all depends on the day and the week, in which municipality is a pharmacy. In most major cities, such as Helsinki, pharmacy networks operate around the clock, seven days a week. For the Finns, there is a list of drugs the cost of which the government compensates, this list is approved by the Council on the prices of Finland medicines. Prices in all Finland pharmacies are the same. About 75% of all products represented in the drugstores are not designed for treatment, but for health promotion. In the Finnish pharmacies, you can easily buy many multivitamins and dietary supplements, medical cosmetics, herbal medicines, orthopedic shoes. And only 25% of the assortment is medicaments.

Modern people are more used to make purchases through a variety of Finnish online stores. This applies to clothing items, household equipment and medicines. Such purchases have become completely natural thing, plus they save money and time. To purchase some or other medications in Suomi online pharmacies, there are special directories in which you can easily and quickly become familiar with all of the proposed goods, read the summary, dosage information, contraindications, a drug comparison with its counterparts, and much more. It is very convenient as it allows you to calmly and leisurely make a decision whether to buy the drug or not. All products, drugs and medicines necessarily sorted into groups depending on their purpose which allows you to compare products and quickly make selections. If you have any questions, you can at any time refer to online consultants who will assist with your inquiries.

With our service you can find the most popular in Suomi (and worldwide) online pharmacies, to compare their advantages and choose the one that satisfies your requirements.

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Online pharmacies in Finland offer several benefits to consumers. They provide a convenient and efficient way to access prescription medications and over-the-counter drugs. Moreover, they often feature a wider selection of products and competitive pricing, making them an attractive option for many. However, it is essential to ensure the legitimacy of the online pharmacy and prioritize safety when choosing this option.
When using online pharmacies in Finland, it is essential to take several precautions. Always consult a healthcare professional before ordering prescription medications online. Verify the pharmacys authenticity, check for secure payment options, and provide your personal and financial information with caution. Additionally, report any suspicious online pharmacy activities to the relevant authorities to safeguard your health and privacy.
Yes, Finland has strict regulations in place to oversee online pharmacies. The Finnish Medicines Agency (FIMEA) monitors and licenses these pharmacies, ensuring that they comply with the necessary safety and quality standards. Patients can access detailed information on FIMEAs official website to confirm the legitimacy of an online pharmacy.
To identify reputable online pharmacies in Finland, you should perform thorough research. Start by checking if the pharmacy is licensed by the Finnish Medicines Agency (FIMEA). Additionally, look for customer reviews and ratings to gauge the quality of service and the authenticity of the medications offered. Verifying that the pharmacy requires a valid prescription for prescription drugs is another crucial step.

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