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Relatively recent in XX century medicine researchers have created a unique invention: put together synthetic drugs and alkaloids plants arranged in South America. Experiments on animals have begun. After several successful tests, the drug was used for surgeries with real people. Of course, this was risky, but it ended well. Nowadays muscle relaxants are enhanced by modern components and enzymes.

Muscle relaxants were a godsend to scientists, the operation began to pass much more quickly and completely without risk to the ill person! Probably everyone knows that during operations is widespread used the so-called general narcosis. Virtually only muscle relaxants have provided the facility in the process of narcosis to adapt and support vitally important organism functions. Muscle relaxants solidly established in the medical praxis. They succeeded to eschew the dreary destiny of many substances, which appeared on the short term, but have not been widely adopted. Muscle relaxants are used with the following purposes:

  • For muscle relaxation during narcosis, this reduces the dose of anesthetic and depth of anesthesia
  • For mechanical pulmonary venting
  • Conducting surgical interventions beneath the superficial anesthesia
  • To relieve convulsions, muscle hypertonus and so on

It must be remembered that the exploitation of muscle relaxants necessarily lead to the termination of the respiratory muscles and cessation of spontaneous breathing and requiring of mechanical pulmonary venting.

In majority of occasions relaxants are penetrated intravenously. These medicines lead to paralyzation of muscles step by step, within a few minutes. Occasionally it may be observed that the first extremities muscles relax then abdominal muscles, intercostal muscles and the diaphragm. Approximately always the relaxation occurs calmly without preliminary flinches. Another advantage of using these preparations is that with their discovery doctors refused to use certain drugs. This is very significant because not all people have such a strong immune system, and there were cases when after using drugs during a surgery the organism simply could not hereinafter abandon them. Muscle relaxants make it possible to carry out operations at much lower appliance of cyclopropane, halothane and other medicines. Thus, as we see, they immensely upgrade narcosis and postoperative period. At the same time, key functions of the body are not oppressed. Thereby, muscle relaxants are an indispensable tool in all the extensive and protracted surgeries, for which in normal circumstances are needed a profound narcosis. During long surgeries on the mediastinal organs on, lungs, aneurysm, major orthopaedic surgeries, chiefly in patients with heart issues, muscle relaxants allow to use a minimum effective size of anesthetic at the optimal О2 satiety. Muscle relaxation simplifies conduction of many medical manipulations.

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