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Many believe that erectile dysfunction and impotence are synonyms. If a man suffers from impotence, he is not able to implement an intercourse. Erectile weakness is linked with problems in achieving an erection. Meanwhile, early determination of ailments such as ED, unless it is the result of chronic and difficult treatable ailments, can, in most cases, in a relatively short time restore the potency. However, visible signs of male sex weakness are the final stage of the disease. Therefore, regular inspection by an andrologist or urologist, through which the problem can be detected before it will make itself known, is a guarantee of a long-term and active sex life of every man.

From this illness suffer 15% of men ages between 40 to 60 years, which is about 150 million people all around the globe. Doctors predict that under various adverse factors, including not least the environmental situation that is getting worse, and the reluctance of men to seek timely medical help, in 15 years the number of people with this verdict will grow to 320 million. In the meantime, ED not only deprives men opportunities to actively engage in sex, but also contributes to the development of cardiovascular diseases.

Erectile incapability comes in 2 types: organic and psychogenic.

Psychogenic erectile failure is treated by sexologists. The main feature is its suddenness and frequency. It may depend on specific situations (first sexual encounter, a new sexual partner, and so on). This problem is directly related with constant stressful situations, depressions that occur in a man before sex (pregnancy, fear of infections during an intercourse). Another cause of erectile weakness is a psychological fear of a sexual contact with a woman. Once, at a young age, having suffered a setback during the first sexual contact, a man loses confidence in himself, thinking, concentrating and adjusting himself to the fact that all others of his attempts are doomed to fiasco. Such violations usually lead to the fact that a man cannot keep up an erection during sex, and can lead to a premature ejaculation. This complication occurs because of the concentration on one occasion, not because of some defect in a male`s sexual function, which usually leads to prolonged potency disturbance. A characteristic feature of psychological disorders of erectile function is keeping up an erection in the morning or while sleeping or during onanism, but at other times occurrence and maintenance of this state becomes problematic.

As for organic erectile weakness, it arises from substances or drugs taken by people. It can be not only alcohol and drugs, but medical preparations that reduce blood pressure, hormonal medications, antihistamines (eg, diphenhydramine). Also this state occurs when: reduced activity of sex glands; violation of blood flow through the vessels and arteries; hypertension, diabetes; it may even be the injury of the brain or the spinal cord. About the organic causes tells the complete absence of erection.

Methods of treatment depend on the causes of impotence. Medicines that treat impotence, improve blood vessels, increase the tone of the body, and increase the pressure. In case of problems with development of testosterone a physician will prescribe a hormone therapy to a patient. Andriol and testosterone should be taken only under endocrinologist `s medical supervision. If a patient suffers from a psychogenic impotence, sedative medications may be efficient. Successful results in combating erectile incapacity can be achieved only if manage to normalize the overall condition of the patient. Give up bad habits, normalize diet and set a new daily routine, take care of proper rest and, if possible, avoid stressful situations, live a regular sex life.

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