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Year by year the diseases become acute and long-lasting. Flu has become the "norm" for the winter. Many people are vaccinated against the virus but it does not always help. The virus is constantly changing, mutating and becoming stronger so the vaccine cannot protect you from infection. Is it possible to treat flu symptoms quickly and effectively or prevent it?

There are antiviral drugs of two types: some of them do not contact with the virus and activate the human immune system and other drugs directly affect the virus, they do not allow the virus to copy itself and multiplying in the body of the carrier (the incubation period) while others have to block the virus inside the cell and prevent its spreading.

The main features of URTI are sneezing, swelling of the nose without a cold, cough and sore throat. In this disease the fever is moderate. Often, with proper treatment of URTI it passes in 5-7 days, although the cough may persist longer up to two weeks. The main signs that you should start the treatment immediately are: loss of appetite, sleep disturbances and symptoms of anxiety.

The most popular antiviral active ingredients are Amantadine and Rimantadine which are used for the treatment and prevention of influenza virus A. They are contraindicated in children less than one year. They are effective but can cause nausea, headaches, vomiting, dry mouth, and anxiety and reduced attention.

Studies have shown that prescription of these drugs in the first 48 hours leads to shorter duration of flu symptoms. And if they have been prescribed before the symptoms occurred then they may prevent the progression of the disease.

A drug that consists of Amantadine is Symmetrel which is also antiparkinson.


To stop the immunodeficiency virus reproduction it is needed to combine at least three active ingredients. Truvada is an important in the combined treatment. A significant advantage of this medication is that one tablet consists of all necessary components that make the treatment effective. Therefore, you need to take only one pill per day.

Studies have shown that Truvada would be effective in prevention of the disease for uninfected people only if to take it daily as well as in the treatment of HIV-infected people. However, this medication has side effects: it can lead to reduced bone density or to worsen renal function.

Generic Viread can also prevent AIDS.

Generic Atripla consists of three ingredients each of which may counteract the virus. In addition to the high efficiency it can be taken once a day which greatly simplifies the process of treatment.

Hepatitis C.

The difficulty of the treatment of hepatitis C is caused by increased activity of the causative virus and its structure. The human organism cannot fight the disease because the virus can mutate: while in human blood appear antibodies to one pathogen there create new microorganisms with different antigenic properties.

Therefore it is necessary to use drugs that can block these components such as Generic Daklinza.

The only way today to treat hepatitis C is a combined antiviral therapy. A goal of all drugs is: suppression of the virus, its destruction or at least slowing down the replication of the virus. They prevent the cirrhosis of liver and thus prolong people’s life.

The treatment is chosen by a physician individually. Duration of treatment is 24 weeks for all genotypes except for 1 (to 48 weeks just for genotype 1).

The other generic that is used in the treatment is Rebetol.


Unfortunately, the incidence of this infection progresses from year to year. Antiviral made our lives a little easier but the infection is not gone forever. It is important to achieve rapid relief of symptoms as well as to extend the duration of remission. Significant progress has been made in the treatment of herpes due to the synthetic nucleosides which include Famciclovir (Famvir).

For physicians is very important the high clinical efficacy of Famvir in treating genital herpes because it reduce the number of relapses by 80%. Another effective medicine is Generic Valtrex and both of them are suitable for HIV-positive people.

When Zovirax gets into damaged tissue it blocks the reproduction of the herpes virus. Initially it was developed for treating ophthalmological herpes but today, in most cases, it is used for the treatment of lips. The main purpose of Zovirax is to inhibit the development of symptoms of herpes on the lips and to prevent any of their manifestation.


Leprosy infection in most cases spreads by airborne transmission but it is possible to get infected through the skin contact (damaged skin). For the treatment of leprosy are used sulfone drugs due to which the disease is no longer fatal. As a rule doctors prescribe a combination of drugs with Generic Lamprene.

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