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Medications are really expensive in Japan. Moreover, many of them are sold only by prescription. All pharmacies in Japan can be divided into two types: first one for drugs with prescription, the second only non-prescription, and the last one is more like supermarkets. In general, if you want to buy serious medicine you should find special pharmacy because in the “pharmacy-supermarket” you can buy only medicine for first aid. For example, headache pills or when you have discomfort in the stomach, intestinal problems, vitamins, eye drops. Even an aspirin which is freely available almost everywhere can only be bought with a prescription in Japan.

Prescription is valid only for 4 days and then it is considered invalid. The amount of drug that can be purchased by a one prescription should be no more than for 14 days of treatment, in the case of long-term therapy - not more than 28 days. You cannot use it secondly. If the patient needs to continue the treatment then he should go to the doctor again and get a new one. Japanese doctors are not allowed to consult patients through email or phone.

But what to do if you are busy or physically cannot go to the doctor? You can use Japanese online pharmacy. It offers low prices, wide range and a lot of other advantages. First of all it will save your time. You can be assured of privacy because sometimes people have such health problems they don’t want to talk about. They can compare different drugs and if they need help to contact with service operators which are available all during all day and night. Japan Online pharmacies usually offer discounts and delivery to any location.

A large number of drugs produced by local companies with their own brand names and since advertising of drugs is prohibited most people do not know about newness in the pharmaceutical industry, like generics which are analogues of more expensive drugs but have the same action.

The main criteria for the choice of Japanese online pharmacy are its friendly service, its competence and reliability and our service can help you to choose the one with the best price.

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Online pharmacies have gained considerable prevalence in Japan. These digital platforms offer a wide array of medications, healthcare products, and even services such as telemedicine.
Online pharmacies in Japan operate under strict regulations set by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. These regulations ensure that medications are dispensed safely and that the online platforms adhere to quality and security standards.
Yes, online pharmacies in Japan can provide prescription medications. Patients can consult with licensed healthcare professionals through telemedicine services and receive e-prescriptions for their required medicines.
Japanese consumers generally view online pharmacies as convenient and reliable. They appreciate the ease of ordering medications and healthcare products online. The reputation of online pharmacies in Japan has grown over time, with many consumers trusting these platforms for their healthcare needs. However, it is essential for consumers to exercise caution and choose reputable online pharmacies to ensure the safety of their medications.

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