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A national peculiarity of Norwegian pharmacies is the fact that they are all united in networks. The largest network — Apokjeden Group — includes more than 200 shops. In Norway it is difficult to find a more regimented sector than pharmaceutical. In the country of fjords and glaciers are registered only those drugs that are deemed necessary. Therefore, on the market represented far less pharmaceuticals than in the neighboring countries.

The list of essential drugs in Norway includes at least 200 international non patented items. All of them divided into three categories: «blue» — the cost of them is fully covered by the government (these include cancer medicines and drugs for palliative care), while agents from the «white» category Norwegians buy at their own expense. The third category has no color, but the government’s surcharge for such drugs can reach 36%, and a patient`s expense should not exceed 189 Euros. In general, the government pays about 2/3 the cost of the acquired medicines.

Medicinal products are quite expensive, compared with other countries. The number of pharmacies in Norway is much smaller than in other European countries — around 600. In some areas, deficit of apothecaries remains a problem. Outside pharmaceutical institutions are permitted to implement smoking drugs, fever and nasal decongestants.

It's no secret that online shopping became a part of our lives. And if ten years ago shops in the network were a novelty, now we buy everything there. Modern Norwegians are also trying to keep pace with technology and consequently often use online medical services. What are the advantages of the Internet Norwegians pharmacies?

  • First of all, medicines in the network are much cheaper than in an ordinary Norwegians drugstore
  • The prices can be likened and you may buy the most advantageous drug
  • For inhabitants of small towns and villages it is quite easy to find an important medicine. Selection in tiny locations is usually very small, so the Internet becomes a salvation. Especially since all network pharmacies have a courier service and so on.

Our service helps the Internet users to find the most suitable web Norwegians ​drugstore. Try it one time and you will experience the convenience and comfort of buying Norwegians ​medicines online.

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You may search for internet pharmacies in Norway by using online search engines or by asking for recommendations from your healthcare provider. Look for keywords like digital pharmacies, online drugstores, or e-pharmacies to locate reliable options.
Internet pharmacies in Norway are regulated by the Norwegian Medicines Agency (Legemiddelverket). They should display a certification, ensuring safety. Always verify the pharmacys credentials before making a purchase.
Online pharmacies in Norway offer convenience, often lower prices, and a wide range of products. They can deliver medications to your doorstep, saving you time and effort.
To guarantee the quality of drugs from online pharmacies in Norway, purchase from reputable sources with proper certifications. Always consult with your healthcare professional before buying any prescription medication online to ensure safety and efficacy.

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