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The human body often becomes a haven for parasites. These pests can have a very small size or vice versa to grow and measured in meters. These "guests" may live in the body for years and not give specific signs of their presence. That is why every six months it is needed to every person to do anti-parasitic cleansing of the body.

Medical studies show that there are about 250 species of parasites that can attack the body and live in it.

Once the body has been infected the parasites occupy areas that affect livelihoods. There they begin to multiply and during their life parasites emit toxins that affect the internal organs. As a result it can worsen chronic diseases; the immune system weakens and they can cause allergies to various stimuli.

People have no idea that their bodies were visited by parasites because the other diseases have almost the same symptoms. You should pay attention to the following features:

  • Violation of the digestive tract: constipation, bloating or diarrhea.
  • Heaviness in the stomach, a feeling of irritation.
  • Anemia.
  • Epidermal deterioration on the face or appeared rash on the other parts of body.
  • Persistent fatigue, lack of strength and sleep problems.
  • Fluctuations in body weight.
  • Pain in the joints, painful sensations in muscles.
  • Gnashing of teeth during sleep.
  • Disorders of the CNS: nervousness, depression, irritability, panic, etc.

But this is not the only signs that are present in the body. In every person symptoms are differently manifested. To get an accurate diagnosis you need to see a doctor and to do some tests. If there are even some signs of the presence of parasites in the body you should act immediately.

Which tablets would be better in the treatment depend on the type of worm infection but mostly patients use the following generics: Stromectol, Albenza and Vermox.

Another disease is scabies which is a contagious disease. An itch mite affects the skin. A person becomes infected after direct contact with people who have scabies due to handshake, clothing and in other ways. A week after that contact may appear rash that looks like small nodules and vesicles between the fingers, on upper extremities and other parts of bodies. To treat it doctors usually prescribe Generic Acticin.

One more parasitic disease is malaria. Four types of parasites can cause this disease the principal owner of which is the mosquito. Only female bloodsuckers can transfer this infection.

Symptoms of malaria are very similar in different types and depend on the severity of infection, duration and its ending.

The first symptoms occur in two - three weeks after you’ve been bitten by an infected mosquito. The patient appears chills, increased body temperature and begins sweating.  The patient begins to experience pain in joints and muscles, nausea, vomiting, rapid pulse and headache. During malaria can appears also anemic condition.

In four - five days after the manifestation of the symptoms the patient may experience clouding of consciousness, delirium, throwing. After the fever the temperature decreases and the patient falls into a deep sleep. Seizures usually last for six - ten hours.

The liver and spleen are enlarged after the third or fourth attack. Then begins to develop anemia and skin becomes yellowish.

Without treatment attacks of malarial fever pass after 10-fold repetition. To fight the disease completely you need special medication which can avoid early and late relapses that are manifested over time.

Most severe form of malaria is a tropical form: fever lasts thirty-six hours, immediately increased liver and spleen, and it have the highest percentage of the risk of complications: malaria coma, renal failure or pulmonary edema.

As it hasn’t specific symptoms immediately diagnose it is critically difficult. To do this the doctor takes into account all data history (staying in the area of epidemic risk), test results and laboratory tests.

To treat that disease you can with such generics as Aralen, Plaquenil and Vibramycin. The last one is also use in acne treatment.