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Recently many people that live in large cities suffer from depression. The rapid pace of life, fatigue, poor environmental conditions, lack of vitamins, stress - all this contribute to its development.

It is a psychological disorder that manifests in lack of emotion, inability to experience pleasure and desire to live. It is a disease which is treated with antidepressants. Clinical depression can occur in people of all ages (even in children 5 years old) but mostly in 25 to 45 years old. Men face this problem really often. This condition leads to poor health and disability to work. It is the most common cause of committing suicide.

People who are depressed lose interest in those things which they used to like, do not get pleasure from life, becomes lethargic and apathetic, suffer from disorders of sleep and appetite, constant fatigue, have a feeling of helplessness and hopelessness, lose sexual interest, lose weight or gain weight, cannot concentrate on anything or decide. Many are plagued by unexplained fears and anxiety.

To make diagnosis symptoms must last at least two weeks but also these conditions may be the result of other diseases.

Before starting to use drugs make sure that you don’t have a neurosis.

Unfortunately many tips to treat depression are simple and not always effective. People are recommended to walk on fresh air, chat with friends and play sports. These tips do not work for everyone so many people is interested about what antidepressants without a prescription can be useful in this situation.

Depressions develop because of a lack of certain nutrient in brain cells. To fill the lack of them usually use herbal antidepressants.

Depression was not recognized as a disease for a long time. Reduced self-esteem, motor retardation, apathy, sometimes aggression - all this considered as a normal stage which will pass away. But over time the researchers found a time limit after which it is necessary to see a doctor. If within four to six months patients still experience those symptoms then depression can be considered as that one which requires treatment.

It should be noted that these medicines do not act immediately. The effect begins to manifest only after three to four weeks of using. During this time, the antidepressant interferes in the processes of interaction between brain cells and begins to promote change in the ratio of norepinephrine, serotonin and dopamine.

Prescribing of the drug also include choosing of dosage. Another important point is ending to consume antidepressants. You cannot stop taking it at any time because it is dangerous to health. If the patient feels the improvement and refuses antidepressants then depression can come back and be much stronger.

You should know that antidepressants only affect the symptoms of depression but does not affect the cause. That is why some tablets treatment fails. You should also use psychotherapy in which the doctor will find out the cause.

However, only half of cases (55%) when these drugs were prescribed were intended to treat depression. Doctors prescribed this medicine in anxiety disorders (18.5%), insomnia (10%), chronic pain (6%) and panic disorder (4%). In some cases they are recommended to treat these conditions - such as migraines, digestive disorders or attention deficit syndrome, bulimia and problems with the urinary system.

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