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Arthritis is a common medical term that includes many joint diseases associated with: inflammatory and non-inflammatory conditions.

It occurs because of the influence of such factors as illness, infection, heredity and other. At the same time some people explain arthritis as painful sensation or discomfort during movement, experience pain in the lower back, bursitis, tendonitis, overall stiffness and pain in joints.

It is considered to be an integral part of the aging process. However, the achievement of traditional medicine and modern alternative modes of therapy can facilitate the life of arthritis sufferers.

Hormones are also important: women under the age of 50 years suffer three times more often than men.

Osteoarthritis manifests with: pain and swelling, resulting from intense destruction of cartilage and can affect practically all the joints which can be caused by trauma or infection. Sometimes the bone joints form bone spurs which is accompanied by damage of the nerves and muscles and also pain, bone deformity and stiffness.

In some cases, bone deformation can occur at any age. Abuse of anabolic steroid agents that is popular among athletes can also cause early development of osteoarthritis. The diseases of the joints especially the knee joint can progress if you have an excessive weight.

In certain cases, bony outgrowths and curvature of the joints may be accompanied by painful inflammation in muscles and nerve-wracking that can significantly affect the posture and mobility. Osteoarthritis is a characteristic sign of aging. The disease is often associated with brittle bones and can develop in adults accompanied by depletion of the joints because of too intense exercise. Bones and cartilage are not capable of natural self-recovery.

Rheumatoid arthritis can occur at any age but mainly a disease affects people 25 - 55 years of age. It is supposed that the relatives of the patient with this diagnosis have greater chances of getting them than others. Although it is obvious that such a statement should not sound like a death sentence. This probability is only slightly higher than in the healthy family. Man sick with arthritis only when the coincidence of several unfavorable circumstances.

Immune lymphocytes cells which need to recognize and destroy the invading organism intruders for some reasons perceive same organism cells as enemies, first - joint cells, and try to destroy them.

The reasons why they begin suddenly regard as strangers native cells of the body may be different. Sometimes the autoimmune aggression can cause some infection or latent infection. For example, about 40% of cases the disease is preceded by acute respiratory infections (ARI), influenza, sore throat or exacerbation of chronic infectious diseases. As recent studies shows, after patients had an infection in the joints, individual microbes or viruses can remain and more often their particles on which receptors of immune cells react. The disease or injury can be provoked by a strong one-time or long cold burn but more often it is caused by a strong emotional shock or severe stress.

It affects fingers, wrists and elbow, knee and foot joints. A disease extends to extra-articular region, in particular the lungs, eyes, nerves and skin.

Articular syndrome may be accompanied by deformation of the joints of the hands and feet, the weakening of the muscular system, tendons desiccation and destruction of the bones.

Despite the fact that you cannot fight a disease completely treatment in the early stages alleviates symptoms in many people. The likelihood of long-term loss of mobility reduced in all patients with the exception of 5% -10% of patients.

In juvenile rheumatoid arthritis people have everyday fever and anemia. It may be associated with cardiac complications, lungs and nervous system and eye diseases. The progression lasts at least six weeks including recovery period from other diseases.

Currently, long-term complications almost never occur and most of the children affected by the disease recover completely without suffering long-term complications.

Most studies suggest that the ailment occurs because of immunodeficiency when the body's immune system mistakenly begins to self-destruct. It is not caused by the infections and cannot be transmitted from person to person. Possibly the likelihood of developing the disease is due to genetic factors.

Infectious arthritis refers to various forms of ailments characterized by lesions of large joints of hands and feet as well as the joints of the toes. It can be caused by such diseases such as: staph infections, tuberculosis, gonorrhea or Lyme disease. It can also be a consequence of the injury as a complication. It is not a typical symptom of aging.

There are five prerequisites in treatment:

  1. To normalize metabolism on the joint you need to remove the inflammatory process.
  2. Arthritic joint pain is caused by muscle spasm. They do not let the joint to move and do not let oxygen, nutrients minerals and even medicines to penetrate to the cartilage. It's like a closed door: drugs and minerals will remain outside the door till the muscle spasm wouldn’t be removed.
  3. To cure arthritis it is necessary to wash the salt out of the joint.
  4. If you to achieve the effect of treatment that will last for many years then it is necessary to normalize the acid-alkaline balance. If not to restore acid-base balance then the body will again and again dispose of the acid residues in the form of salt deposits in the joints during the oxidation of the body.
  5. All processes in the joint partially or completely reversible - when the inflammation and muscle spasms are removed and the acid-alkaline balance is normalized then the joint starts to get oxygen, nutrients and restore their mineral metabolism.
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