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Statistics show that one out of four suffers from elevated blood pressure, but seeks medical assistance only a third of the diseased. Hypertension - is a pathology, accompanied by a steady increase in blood pressure above 130/90, which accompanied by violation of health, changes in internal organs. The disease has a steadily progressive nature.

Dynamics of development of hypertension may be sluggish. So for years we cannot even guess about the disease. However, symptoms according to which is possible to notice a tendency to hypertension, exist:

  • Frequent feeling of heat in the face; you can feel it as "burning cheeks." Or even redness from chin to forehead for no apparent reason - i.e. not in a moment of anger or shame
  • At high pressure, during its further increase, we can feel a painless, but unpleasant pulsation in the temples. In hypertension sufferers often are visible swollen veins at the temples - the result of an overflow of blood
  • Effect of heaviness in the forehead and head in general
  • Patients with hypertension often feel a burning sensation and heaviness of eyelids; complain about wanton eyes redness
  • High pressure leads to sleeplessness and shifting of a daily rhythm
  • Unpleasant sensations in the heart, heart palpitations, spasmodic pain in the left chest, a feeling of heaviness and compression in the collarbone
  • Tinnitus, occurrence of chills and tides, numbness of fingers and toes, swelling of hands and feet
  • Memory and intelligence loss, poor coordination

Similar manifestations in the early stages of hypertension arise constantly, but disappear after rest. Hypertension usually occurs with periods of exacerbation and improvement of a patient`s condition, progresses slowly. This kind is considered benign. Or develops quickly, with crises so then is considered to be malignant.

Important role in the development of high blood pressure play:

  • Genetic predisposition; especially pronounced in the female line. The risks increase dramatically if of hypertension sufferers two or more relatives
  • Male gender is a risk factor in the development of hypertension. Affects men between 35 and 55 years; after menopause, women are more prone to hypertension
  • Adverse environmental factors
  • Overweight and obesity
  • Social influences and urbanization
  • Trauma and overstrain
  • Traumatic injury of the nervous system, constant emotional stress, fatigue
  • Increasing the concentration of sodium and calcium in plasma
  • Surplus allocation of hormone noradrenaline
  • Ailments of the thyroid and adrenal glands
  • Oral contraceptives with a high content of hormones
  • Drugs that suppress appetite
  • Steroids
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs
  • Surplus of salt in the diet

If there are two or more risk factors, chances that you will develop hypertension are very high.

Prevention of hypertension can be performed at home. For this purpose you must implement regular monitoring of blood pressure in a rest condition and during exercise. Carry out the control by using manual or automatic gauges for measuring pressure. Engage in physical activity, exercise, morning gymnastics, swimming, fitness, gym. Additionally, is necessary to begin a diet with restriction of salt. Exclude from food products with excess salt (chips, salinity, sausage, canned food). Replace salt to spices and garlic. Enrich the diet with calcium.

Unfortunately hypertension is incurable but it is quite possible to significantly improve and permanently delay the onset of life-threatening complications. Treatment can be divided into 2 categories:  pharmacological and not pharmacological (lifestyle correction).

Many patients do not attach great importance to the non-drug treatment, considering it as not serious, but in fact this is the key to success. Do not be amiss to limit yourself in the use of coffee, confectionery, reduce caloricity of a daily diet, and begin to engage in therapeutic exercises, you can try psychotherapy as a means of reducing anxiety.

Medical treatment shall appoint a physician, based on your state of health.

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