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Antifungal drugs pills are popular today as their use for the treatment of various diseases is quite simple. You need only to take a pill at the time, not to apply because not always ointment has a pleasant scent on the skin. But this form of medicine also has disadvantages: a large number of side effects and contraindications. Therefore, the dosage of antifungal drugs for oral application and the period of taking shall be determined by a physician. At the same time the patient has to adhere the medication.

Skin fungus occurs quite often. It can affect the scalp, hands, feet and other body parts. Today there are quite a variety of antifungal drugs for skin which have different composition, properties and purpose.

Fungal diseases of foot as a rule are skin lesions - athlete's foot and fungal nail infections - onychomycosis. Fungus on the feet can be caused by different types of fungi, therefore, before treatment should identify the type of fungus and its susceptibility to antifungal drugs. The main problem in the treatment of fungus feet is the removing of inflammation, destruction of the fungus and normalization of blood circulation of affected areas to prevent recurrences.

The drier skin on the legs the fatter should be antifungal cream base and in this case people use the ointment. For the space between fingers would be efficient to use gel or suspension. Fungus of toenails usually accompanies by fungal of foot and is provoked by the same types of fungi.

You can also use creams but due to the damaged nail drugs almost did not penetrate so before treating nails you must first whittle away most nail or remove it and better do it in the office of the surgeon.

In these cases patients use the following generics: tablets Grifulvin (Griseofulvin), tablets Nizoral and creams Nizoral Cream, Lamisil Cream, Lotrisone.

In gynecology antifungal are used in vaginal candidacies. It is a disease that can be both acute and chronic. Therefore, its treatment depends on the severity of symptoms of yeast infection in women and duration of disease occurrence. The modern pharmaceutical industry offers a lot of drugs for the treatment of women from this trouble. If fungal is not significant then due to drugs women can get rid of yeast infections in few days. If the disease is chronic then this process need not a one day but often requires regular treatment. Usually women use in treating Generic Gyne-Lotrimin.

For effective treatment of fungal infections of various etiologies in modern medicine is used a huge amount of antifungal antibiotics. The main components of these drugs are chemicals that have detrimental effect on the invisible to the naked eye fungus and destroy their cell membrane.

All antifungal differ from each other by its broad range of action on pathogenic microorganisms by suction procedure, tissue distribution and interaction with receptors.

Diversity of chemical composition allows separating these antibiotic medications into several groups according to their mechanism of action, clinical and pharmacological properties of use in various fungal pathologies. Antibiotics entirely destroy or stop cell growth of bacteria, fungi or tumors and completely have no effect on viruses.

The most effective antibiotics are such generics: Diflucan, Sporanox and Lamisil. The first two also used in the treatment of candidacies of internal organs caused by yeast fungi called Candida which in a small number live on the mucous membranes of humans. If to suppress natural microflora of mucous which in normal conditions suppress the growth of fungi then begins its active growth which leads to disease. The natural microflora is often suppresses during taking antibiotics that are prescribed for bacterial and viral infections.

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