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Cardiovascular Diseases

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Every individual in life definitely encounters with cardiovascular disorders. Age-related changes in organs and tissues, metabolic disorders lead to hypertension, heart attack, stroke, heart failure, and other, which reduce life span and cause a number of limitations. These phenomena grow so rapidly and getting younger with every year, that even the World Health Organization sound the alarm. In contemporary society, due to deterioration of blood flow, reduces ability to work, memory, intelligence, vision, hearing, stress tolerance, etc. Heart diseases took away more lives than all the wars on Earth combined.

The emergence and progress of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular sicknesses intimately related to the presence of hazards, the main of which is elevated blood pressure, lipid metabolism, corpulence, harmful lifestyle (nicotine abuse, poor nutrition, alcohol abuse, lack of physical activities) and environmental factors (psycho-emotional stress, harmful environment at work and at home).

Diseased with ailments of the cardiovascular system may complain of pain in the heart and thorax, palpitations, sensation of disruptions in the heart, breathlessness, edema and manifestation of other signs.

Ache in the heart area is one of the most characteristic features. Causes of the pain can be different. This might be damages of coronary vessels (most dangerous reason which leads to the development of myocardial infarction, cardiogenic shock), neuroses, lesions of the pleura, pericardium of intercostal nerves, muscles, spine, abdominal organs. For sore caused by a coronary defect are intrinsic the following symptoms: pains that resemble the attacks, localization of pain behind the thorax, spreading pain in the left arm, shoulder, arm, neck, occurrence of pain due to physical or nervous overstrain or in advanced age at night or during the day, while resting.

Breathlessness is caused by increased carbon dioxide content in the tissues that arises from the blood stagnation in them. Intrinsic for cardiac dyspnea is its strengthening in a horizontal position and reduction in vertical. Heavily marked dyspnea (cardiac asthma) is one of the menacing signs of acute heart failure. The attack of breathlessness occurs suddenly, breathing becomes frequent (30-40/ min.), choking, audible at a distance, sometimes allocates foam -like pink sputum. Edema develops through the agglomeration of fluid in tissues primarily in ambulatory diseased on the feet, legs, and in bedridden diseased on the back. At considerable edemas they can spread to the whole body (anasarca), and edema fluid accumulates in the cavities pleural (hydrothorax), peritoneal (ascites), pericardium (hydropericardium). The reason of edema is elevated pressure in the venules and violations of water-salt metabolism.

A hypertensive crisis called a sharp surge in blood pressure in sick with arterial hypertension, accompanied by headache, especially in the neck, dizziness, noise in the head, nausea, in some cases vomiting, flies flashing before the eyes.

Fainting is a brief loss of consciousness, conditioned by an acute insufficiency of blood flow to vessels of the brain. The cause of this state is a strong nervous and/or mental stimulation (jitters, sight of blood, irritation, pain, fatigue, agitation, and stay in a fuggy room). A sick individual experiences dizziness, nausea, blackout, loses consciousness. The sick is pale, covered with cold sweat, the limbs are cold, and the pulse is weak and rapid. In uncomplicated cases, loss of consciousness lasts no more than 20-40 seconds.

The collapse is a manifestation of acute vascular insufficiency with the sharp decline in blood pressure and disturbances of the peripheral circulation. Manifests itself with weakness, dizziness, noise in the ears; consciousness is usually preserved, but patients are hindered, barely react to external stimuli. Skin is cold, covered with cold, sticky sweat. After a while, lips, fingers and toes become cyanotic. Facial features become sharp- looking; pulse is threadlike, systolic blood pressure index below 80 mmHg and diastolic blood index is unidentifiable.

One of severe sequelae of heart diseases is a chronic cardiovascular failure. Its signs are: feeling as if short of breath, swelling, pronounced cyanosis, disruptions of heart palpitations.

Absolutely every expert will tell you that the best remedy is nothing but prophylaxis. It is much easier to prevent a disease in advance than to deal with its consequences in the future. Let’s focus on the most effective methods recommended by the prophylaxis of cardiovascular diseases.

Doctors conventionally divided all methods of prophylaxis of diseases of the cardiovascular system into two groups:

  • Medicamentous prevention
  • Unmedicinal prophylactic measures

In addition, there is a division into primary and secondary prevention. Primary prevention is aimed primarily at lifeway changes, identifying of harmful habits that may contribute to the development of cardiovascular ailments and their elimination if possible. When it comes to prevention of the ailments in a particular patient, then it is the following: complete smoking cessation, regular check up of blood pressure, receiving small doses of aspirin (for those with a real risk of the disease). Also couldn`t be left unattended the problem of excess weight. If it does exist, it should be reduced to a minimum with right methods, since it is an important factor in the emergence of various diseases. As for the secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease, it is applicable to those who already have the problem. Here the main aim is to prevent recurrence, reduce the frequency and extent of deterioration s, and reduce the number of cases and periods of hospitalization.

The sooner you start to use measures on prophylaxis heart problems, the less likely that they will affect you. Because nothing reduces the hazards of any ailment, including cardiovascular, like taking care of your wellbeing.

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