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Nowadays, when people talk about blurred vision, for some reason most frequently they associate it with the work at the computer, as if there were no other reasons. These reasons are and have been previously: fatigue, bad habits, chronic diseases, injuries, age hyperopia or myopia. The more serious are vision problems, the more limits will enter into your life. Therefore, it is important to protect the vision from the childhood.

Good vision depends on many different factors both internal (the presence of diseases, nutrition, genetic predisposition, and so on) and external (trauma, eye injuries, poor conditions of visual work, and so on). In preservation of good vision a leading role is played by elimination of adverse factors that lead to vision loss. These include the continued intense visual stress, insufficient lighting, awkward posture, frequent lack of sleep, lack of exposure to fresh air, sedentary work. Deterioration of vision can be prevented if systematically follow a few simple rules of hygiene. Consistency is the key to efficiency. Implement exercises to improve the vision once or twice a week does not make any sense. So the main recommendations on the vision hygiene are:

  • Do not read on the run, in transport or when lying in bed. Trembling of a vehicle or shaking of your hands may be imperceptible, but the eyes will need to implement enormous optical rearrangements in their work. When shaking, the eyes must adjust almost every second; it greatly wears out eye muscle and, of course, reflects badly on the vision
  • The eyes need moisture. It is very difficult for dry eyes to function. In contrast it is much easier for microbes to get inside such a vision organ and damage it
  • Beware of direct UV light. On a beach or during the bright sunny weather always wear sunglasses. And in any case do not look directly on the sun with unprotected eyes. It can cause severe burns of the retina and vision loss
  • Watch your posture; curved back promotes violation of blood supply to the brain, which provokes vision problems. When reading the distance between the eyes and a piece of paper should be 30 cm. While working at the computer, this distance should be 50-60 cm. do not strain your eyes
  • Take breaks every 40-50 minutes when working or reading. Although this time is very individual. If your eyes get tired every 30 minutes, then you need rest every half an hour. Sit with your eyes closed, look into the distance, do some exercises for the eyes
  • Read in good illumination. But however lighting should not be too bright. The light should come from behind, as if from behind your shoulders. For right-handed people the light should fall from the left; for left-handed from the right

In case of complaints or any discomfort in the vision you should always seek help from a specialist. Do not independently determine a diagnosis or self-medicate.

Below is a set of simple exercises that will help to keep the visual muscles in tone and relieve tension while you work. People with impaired vision should perform these exercises not only in between visual stresses, but independently of them 1-2 times a day (morning and evening).

  • Blink frequently and intensively for a minute
  • Close your eyes and try to blink with eyes closed
  • Look into the distance for about a minute, then turn the view on the nose, count slowly to 10, switch again the view into the distance, close your eyes
  • Look at the ceiling, slowly in a straight line; put the look down (to the floor). Repeat 3-4 times
  • Lightly massage the eyebrows, temples and infraorbital area with your fingertips. Close your eyes with your palm for one minute.
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