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Mark Twain said: «Quitting smoking is easy; I've done this a thousand times! » Indeed, to quit smoking is a laborious task even for those who aspires it. Nicotine dependency is equated with drug addiction, and rejection of this harmful habit is compounded by the fact that nicotine includes in the metabolism of the human body.

The benefits of quitting can be enumerated indefinitely. But among the most significant and most evident may be noted these conclusions: you start to feel much better, you will have more energy and it’ll be easier for the brain to focus on everyday matters, your loved ones will be proud of you, people around will not be passive smokers due to your fault, you will save a huge part of your budget, your daily routine may be no more adapt to this bad habit.

In order to overcome this habit some people may need medical attention. But in any case, the success of treatment depends on your desire and motivation to healing. Promise yourself that you can stop smoking. This is normal if  mixed feelings arise in the process of rejection, sometimes you`ll be very close to the state when you want it to stop and smoke a cigarette again, but keep in mind advantages of a healthy lifestyle. As an alternative to increase the motivation you can try to make a list, which describes the reasons why you waive smoking and your strategic plan of victory over the habit. Keep this leaflet in a place where it can often reach your eyes, or where you have previously kept a pack of cigarettes.

The great obstacle for many smokers is a blind faith in the myth associated with the rejection of nicotine. For a sample, some think that stopping smoking is meaningless, because it would be impossible to recover the health. Once the smoker quits smoking, detoxification process starts: the body begins to actively cleanse itself. Within three months, the maximum three years, the smoker can get rid of all that had accumulated in the organism. Another stereotype — all ex-smokers gain weight. Weight gain occurs in 20-30 percent of people. This is easily explained: during tobacco cessation rather quickly restores the normal secretion of gastric juice, increases the digestibility of substances, and this can give an increase in weight. To get away of this, eat 5-6 times daily, and drink a lot of liquid (carry a bottle of water without gas). Adherence to the regime lasts only a month. Than the digestion system adapts. And absolutely absurd and even suicidal myth is that cigarettes waiver is an extremely strong stress for the body. Eliminating of tobacco dependence always renders beneficial influence on the organism. Of course most likely you will encounter some troubles during treatment. For instance temporarily decrease of immune system, development of emotional disturbances (irritability, depressed mood, nightmarish dreams). But these processes are fleeting and are the transitional period towards your healing.

Usually stimuli that provoke the desire to smoke are certain moods, feelings, places or employments. Analyze the occasions in which you typically smoke, such knowledge will help you to eschew additional temptations. These activators can be stress, depression, drinking of alcohol, watching TV, a break at work, a cup of coffee, to see how other smoke, loneliness and more. Self help may include: 

  • Avoid places where smoking is permitted. In catering establishments select rooms for non-smokers
  • Keep in your fingers a pencil or a clip
  • Try to spend more time with people who lead a healthy lifestyle
  • Try to chew anything: а toothpick, a candy, lollipops and so on
  • Inform your beloved about the firm intention to abandon this harmful addiction .Let them give you a psychological support

If you cannot cope on your own, seek medical sustention. The competent expert in narcology can utter you about all the drugs and advise the pharmacy or other available placements for their purchase. For example, they can be ordered online.

Incidentally, here are some facts that describe modifications of your organism as a result of tobacco denial:

  • Within 8 hours, oxygen levels in the blood reach the normal range
  • After 48 hours, nicotine is wholly eliminated from the body. Returns sensitivity to flavor and scent
  • In the period from 2 to 12 weeks, you can mark that physical activities are carried out a lot easier
  • Within 3-9 months the lungs volume increases by 10 percent

After a year the heart attack risk decreases twofold. It's possible that to gain the victory over the tobacco abuse, you will need to make a few attempts. But every such attempt is a rewarding experience.

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