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Gastrointestinal Tract

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Digestion is a complex operation that begins even before the first piece of meal is taken into the mouth. Nutrition goes a huge way and via a lot of transformations before it becomes a source of vitality for us: the mouth, esophagus, stomach, all sections of the intestine. And at each step takes place a sophisticated act of food cleavage into smaller fractions, first mechanical, and then biochemical.

Failure at any stage adversely influences the final result. Badly acquired nutrition not only does not benefit, but it becomes a harmful factor to health. This can manifest itself in various ways: beginning with mild indigestion, heartburn, diarrhea or astriction, to serious diseases. It is important to normalize digestion and if there is a need to fix the weight.

There are a number of factors that negatively affect the digestion. Be rid of them hence to improve the digestive processes.

Smoking brings in our organism hundreds of harmful toxic compounds that cause enormous damage to all organs and tissues of the body, including the metabolic system. Hot inhaled air irritates the mucous membranes, and the hot air filled with harmful compounds increases the risk of diseases. Quitting smoking positively influences digestion even before we start to eat a no smoking person feels flavors of food more acutely; consequently this factor boosts the stomach to the secretion of peptic juices before food enters inside.

A glass of dry wine during dinner improves digestion, a bottle — slows down the metabolic operations, because the liver has to neutralize the alcohol, which is perceived as a poison. The additional load on the liver and gut impairs digestion.

Stress it's always cramping, and in the processes of digestion operation of the stomach and the intestine muscles plays an important role. There are studies that confirm the effects of stress on the death of beneficial microorganisms in the gut.

Physical inactivity, hypodinamia does not allow our bowel to normally work. Obese people usually suffer from Constipation due to sedentary lifeways. The more movement, the more intense are metabolic processes.

Enteric helminth invasion or protozoa lesion worsen digestion, as they poison the body, killing healthy intestinal microflora. If there is no apparent reason for eating disorder symptoms, you have to get tested for parasitic infection.

Just by masticating food diligently we are improving food processing. It is known that large chunks that enter into the stomach remain there for a long period, lying there like a heavy load, not infrequently held throughout the digestive tract untreated and come out looking like this. The organism is doing a tremendous job of transporting such a «dead weight», without gaining anything in return. Digestive juices penetrate inside the food bolus to a depth of one millimeter. This is the size to which each piece should be to chewed-up.

Junk food negatively affects metabolism. Each type of such product influence digestive processes, but, for the most part, they lead to the appearance of decay or fermentation processes. Nourishment should be beneficial and vibrant.

Water is irreplaceable for all systems of our organism. Sufficient intake of clean water is a guarantee that the food will not settle in the gut as a lump, leading to constipation. There are various data about how much water is necessary to intake, the quantity of 6-8 glasses of water a day can be a benchmark.

Diet is also important for healthy digestion. Eating regularly in the same time, we accustom the digestive tract to produce the gastric juice, ferments at a specific time, and this leads to improvement of metabolism.

You shouldn’t overeat; excess food slows down the digestive process, causing a feeling of heaviness, overloads the stomach. A portion should be such that after you`re done eating, you still sense a slight feeling of hunger. It usually passes away within 20 minutes after eating.

Wash your hands before meals; wash your fruits and vegetables before serving. Question of hygiene in nutrition is also important for good digestion, as well as all the complicated biochemical operations occurring in the organism.

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