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Cholesterol is a lipid that forms in the liver and enters the organism with nutrition of animal origin. But once our body itself creates cholesterol, it means we need it. Indeed, it is the body`s necessity, since it is a component of the cell membranes, it is used for the synthesis of many biologically active compounds and extremely important components in processing and assimilation of food. Among other things, this lipid occupies one of the first places in the list of the most powerful antioxidants. It protects intracellular structures against the destructive effects of free radicals (reasons for illness and aging).

Surfeit cholesterol is extremely undesirable. Immoderate cholesterol leads to atherosclerosis, settles on the walls of blood vessels. This leads to formation of atherosclerotic plaques and they cover the vascular lumen. Such a state can cause suppression of bloodstream to the brain, heart, and other organs. This enables the hazard of cardiac accident, ischemic stroke and even death. In consequence of the cholesterol surfeit may form stones in the bilious bubble and develop a bile-stone sickness.

Commonly, individuals with elevated index of this lipid, do not experience any inconveniences, so the vast majority of the diseased do not suspect that they have too much of it in the blood. So every person over 20 must check cholesterol every 5 years. For this purpose is sufficient to pass the biochemical analysis of blood in a hospital. Females of advanced age should be especially careful to the lipid levels during menopause, when hormonal changes in the organism lead to increased accumulation of cholesterol in the circulatory system and jeopardy of a heart ailment.

The reasons for immoderate cholesterol to be found in deeper disturbances in a human organism, such as:

  • Hereditary diseases such as family, polygenic Hypercholesterolemia combined hyperlipidemia
  • Kidney disease, such as chronic renal failure, nephroptosis
  • Hypertension
  • Liver sicknesses (hepatitis, cirrhosis)
  • Pancreatic ailments, for instance malignant tumor, acute and chronic pancreatitis
  • Diabetes
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Infarct
  • Deficit of somatotropin
  • Pregnancy
  • Alcohol abuse
  • Smoking is both active and passive forms
  • Obesity, metabolic disorders
  • Certain medications, for example oral contraceptives, steroid hormonal agents, diuretics
  • Acquired chronic sickness

Also, most experts believe that motionless work, inactive lifeway, deficit of regular workout, gormandize, plenty of junk food in ration are crucial factors in the early development of atherosclerosis.

Modern medicine has no proof that stress raises cholesterol. But saying «cholesterol», we are referring to «atherosclerosis». Impact of nugatory emotions on cardiovascular system has already been proven many times.

To lower cholesterol is advisable to exercise 3-4 times a week for at least 30-40 minutes: cycling, walking, tennis, team sports (football, volleyball) — all this will be very helpful.

If you have problems with being overweight, it is quite possible that the lipid levels will self-regulate along with your weight.

Statistics indicates that a glass of wine a day have a positive impact on the index of cholesterol and suppress the hazard of blood clots.

Unfortunately, with each subsequent glass of wine, its useful abilities weaken. That`s why doctors do not recommend drinking alcohol regularly.

Tobacco inhibits the "wholesome" cholesterol, regardless of the dose. The only correct option is to quit.

For the fairness is necessary to clarify that the implementation of these general recommendations doesn’t always guarantee the desired result, and then the pharmacology becomes the only salvation. But compliance with these recommendations in any case will positively impact on your health.