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There are a lot of pharmacies in Greece and it is one of the most profitable businesses and the prices of medicines in Greece are very high. They have all: drugs, herbs, supplements, vitamins, cosmetics, chocolate, honey, coffee (for weight loss), orthopedic footwear, underwear, cosmetics and handbags and even combs for hair. A margin on pharmaceuticals in the Greek pharmacies is comparable with other European countries and around 35% to the wholesale price.

But what if people cannot afford those prices? They prefer to buy online because it is easy and that is the way to save their money.

One of the advantages is that they do not require a prescription. Usually medicines in Greece are sold by prescription so if you come to the pharmacy and ask for advice from then you probably would be sent to the doctor. In addition, the majority of names of drugs in Greece are their own, even well-known foreign products may also have the original Greek name. For each prescription you have to pay 1 euro to pharmacy. Moreover, one form must contain no more than 3 drugs. That is, if you need 4 medications the doctor should prescribe them in two forms and you pay at the pharmacy 2 euro.)

Furthermore Greece online pharmacies have wide range and popular all over the world generics. Doctors do not prescribe them because they are much cheaper than original medications and pharmacists are not allowed to offer customers instead of expensive brands cheaper analogues. And in Greece it is almost impossible to find Greece birth control pills online, but you can order it in online and another advantage is you can buy anonymously.

Also online Greece pharmacies offer discounts and delivery to any place you want, sometimes your order can be shipped for free and on every your question 24 hours a day can answer customer service operators.

Our service can help you to make the best choice and to save your time and money.

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Online pharmaceutical outlets, often referred to as e-pharmacies, have gained significant popularity in Greece over the past few years. They are recognized for their convenience and accessibility, enabling customers to order medications and healthcare products from the comfort of their homes.
Online pharmacy regulations in Greece are established by the National Organization for Medicines (EOF). These regulations aim to guarantee the authenticity and quality of pharmaceuticals available online, ensuring customer safety. Customers are advised to check for the EOFs certification on e-pharmacy websites.
Greek online pharmacies offer a wide range of healthcare products, including prescription medications, over-the-counter drugs, herbal supplements, personal care items, and medical equipment. Customers can access a diverse selection of items to meet their health and wellness needs.
Online pharmacies in Greece provide several advantages, such as convenient ordering, discreet packaging, competitive pricing, and a broad product selection. They also offer the convenience of prescription refills and professional advice from licensed pharmacists through online chat or email.

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