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Product name: Generic Avodart

Category: Men's Health, Disease

Active Ingredient: Dutasteride

Manufacturer: Cipla

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What is Generic Avodart?

It is an effective drug for the treatment of prostatic hyperplasia, which acts by suppressing androgen-causing pathological changes. This substance is intended to suppress the activity of 5α-reductase isoenzymes, which are responsible for the process of converting testosterone into 5α-dihydrotestosterone. After all, dihydrotestosterone leads to hyperplasia of glandular tissues, of which the prostate gland consists.
The speed and intensity of the effect of main substance on dihydrotestosterone directly depends on the prescribed dose of the drug. In most cases, the effect becomes noticeable 1-2 weeks after the first administration of the drug. For example, when 0.5 mg per day is used, the amount of dihydrotestosterone drops by 85% in a week, after 90% in 2 weeks of treatment.
The maximum concentration of the active substance is observed 2-3 hours after the administration of one dose. Bioavailability is about 60% (the level varies from 40 to 94%), but eating reduces the bioavailability by 10-15%. As a result of daily therapy after a month of treatment, the concentration is about 65% of the equilibrium concentration, after 3 months - 90%. 
The majority of patients note improvement of state of health and normalization of urination already from the first days of taking the drug. However, a significant improvement in well-being can be achieved only if the duration of taking the drug is from six months to a year.
Negative reviews about the use of Avodart are most often obtained from men who did not complete the course of treatment. In rare cases, complaints are associated with side effects (allergic reactions or decreased libido). Usually, the decrease in erectile function is observed in the first months of Avodart use, and after 60-90 days the sexual life is completely normalized.

In what kind of disease treatment Avodart is helpful?

Acceptance of the drug is indicated in the following situations:
moderate and severe stage of prostatic hyperplasia of a benign character;
high risk of acute urinary retention;
the need for a surgical operation on the prostate gland.
As a result of treatment, the size of the gland decreases, inflammatory processes are blocked, painful sensations are relieved and symptomatology is alleviated, the risk of the need for surgical treatment is reduced. Most often Avodart appointment is prescribed in combination with an alpha1-adrenoblocker Tamsulosin.

What should I tell my health care provider before I take Generic Avodart?

The drug is not assigned if the patient is hypersensitive to any of its components. With caution, it is necessary to take Avodart with renal and hepatic insufficiency. Considering that about 11.5% of the total volume of the active ingredient of the drug penetrates into the sperm, it is forbidden to men during the planning of conception of the child or in the presence of sexual relations with the pregnant woman. For those people who prefer to buy Generic Avodart online is important to read the instruction in the package.

How should I take Avodart?

The effect of food intake on the bioavailability of the drug at a level of 10-15% is considered clinically insignificant. Therefore, you can take the medicine, regardless of food. The effect of therapy is noticeable after only 1-2 weeks, but you cannot stop treatment.

Dosage information

All categories of patients are recommended to take 1 pill 1 time per day. In clinical trials, it was found that increasing the Avodart dose to 40 mg / day (80 times the therapeutic dose) during the week did not cause problems, there were no side effects.

What may interact with Generic Avodart?

Simultaneous reception with Verapamil reduces the clearance of drug, with Diltiazem reduces the excretion of the active component of Avodart. In a combination with other preparations of any negative interactions it has not been noted.

What should I watch for while taking Avodart?

Patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia are required before the start of treatment and during it to take tests to identify prostate cancer. It is important to remember that this medication lowers the concentration of prostate-specific antigen in blood plasma. For example, in patients taking it 6 months, the indices can be 2 times lower. But the level of the total prostate-specific antigen returns to the initial values after six months after the cessation of treatment. But the ratio of the content of free prostate-specific antigen to the total remains unchanged even on the background of therapy.

What side effects may I notice from Generic Avodart?

In the therapy the following Avodart side effects are possible:
allergies (skin itching, hives, rashes);
decreased libido;
localized edema, testicular pain;
alopecia, hypertrichosis;
depressive states.
The listed adverse reactions are not found more often than in 1 out of 10,000 patients. Before taking the drug, the patient must undergo a complete examination and be sure of the benign nature of the tumor of the prostate gland. During the treatment period, regular monitoring of the prostate condition should be performed, as during clinical trials against the background of Avodart treatment, in some patients, such disease was converted into malignant formation.
In case of an overdose of the drug, no side effects are observed. In particular, even the long-term administration of the drug at a dosage 10 times higher than the therapeutic dose did not affect the patients' health status. The drug does not have a specific antidote, if necessary, symptomatic treatment is performed.

Where can I keep Avodart?

These pills can be stored at room temperature for 4 years from the release date. The drug should be out of the reach of children. You can also buy Avodart without prescription in Poland online pharmacies.
Treatment of: Men's Health, Disease
Active Ingredient: Dutasteride
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Treatment of: Men's Health, Disease
Active Ingredient: Dutasteride
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