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Men's Health

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Men's health is an exceedingly delicate subject for the stronger sex. But this issue is global and cannot be reduced solely to defects of sexual nature. Nevertheless, in the men's lifestyle a crucial role plays sexual activity. In accordance with a generally accepted in the global community statement, and particularly in the consciousness of the males themselves, masculinity and sexuality are two words with the same meaning. Any violation of sexual function, even without reference to reproduction and enjoyment, critically depress men's self-esteem and leads to a lot of psychological difficulties, especially since men feel embarrassed talking about it.

Any discussion of male`s health problems cannot do without mentioning the word "testosterone". This is the chief hormone in a male’s body.

Low testosterone may have definite outward manifestations in males:

  • Soreness and breast augmentation, hair loss, tides. Particular attention should be paid to the reduction of the size of the testicles
  • Sometimes sexual appetite diminishes and under certain circumstances it is OK. But often it proves that testosterone is lowered
  • The lower the hormone level is, the more bones become fragile and brittle. May also appear problems with concentrating, develop anemia and depression
  • Weak hair growth during the puberty; however, in adulthood hair loss or baldness is not an indication of lowered testosterone levels.

Premature or too swift decreasing of testosterone causes presenilation. Thereby, prompt attention to the testosterone level is not only a guarantee of a vivid and remarkable sex life, but also prosperity in all kinds of male activities.

No man is safe from the second influential reason for the decline of men's health level. Prostatitis considered being one of the most widespread inflammatory processes of urogenital organs: it strikes approximately 73% of men, notwithstanding of their financial welfare or other factors. Crucial inducing factor in the appearance of this ailment is sludge in the prostate. Factors that increase the hazard of developing this pathology are: chronic perineal trauma (concussion, vibration) of motorcyclists and drivers, a sedentary lifestyle, incomplete ejaculation during "usual" act of intercourse, irregular sexual life, sexual excesses, unhealthy habits and overuse of nicotine, alcohol and drug use).

Is it possible to preclude man's health problems? If you pay attention to them in advance definitely yes.

A man in any age need at least once a year must undergo preventive examination, take necessary tests. There are also some general guidelines that help to prolong youthfulness and strengthen men`s health, namely:

  • Take care of your weight as obesity, poor metabolism, harmful food and fast food can increase your chances of amplification of problems with potency
  • Sex should be safe; in order to not injure your health before every sexual act you have to take care of contraception
  • Physical activities are beneficial for physical, intellectual and sexual health of men
  • Give up bad habits; dubious pleasure that you get from cigarettes or alcohol passes quickly, but the damage they cause to the health may be irreversible
  • Men after forty should watch out for symptoms during urination, and in case of deviations, consult with experts
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