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Product name: Daklinza (Daclatasvir)

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Active Ingredient: Daclatasvir

Manufacturer: Natco Pharma

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What is Generic Daklinza?

It slows down or even prevents the formation of a component of a viral protein of hepatitis C as NS5A. An important point in the action of the drug Daklatasvir is that it is able to block the spread of an existing virus from infected cells throughout the body thereby preventing further damage to healthy cells. Such action of the drug justifies its use in the fight against all genotypes of hepatitis C virus.

In what kind of disease treatment Daklinza is helpful?

Hepatitis C.

What should I tell my health care provider before I take Generic Daklinza?

If the patient has any of the following contraindications then he should certainly mention it to the doctor before prescribing the drug. Let us consider when you cannot take Daklinza:

  1. Age up to 18 years. Research on safety reception of Daklinza in this age category has not been conducted.
  2. The presence of individual intolerance to the drug, as well as a special sensitivity to lactose.
  3. Pregnancy, lactation. Daklinza or individual components of the drug are able to saturate the breast milk.

How should I take Daklinza?

Daklinza as any drug should be administered only after a doctor carried out laboratory tests which give a complete picture of the disease. Only a doctor can correctly describe how to take the drug. There is no one treatment regimen with the use of this substance as each individual case must be an individual approach in which the dose is determined, the auxiliary component of antiviral and is prescribed the schedule of laboratory tests for the monitoring of treatment.

Let us consider in more detail the basic rules of reception and the instructions for use of Daklinza:

  • Tablets are taken orally, they should not be crushed. Wash down with water in small amounts.
  • Within one day daily dose is used one-time, there is no need to separate the reception into several times per day. However, you should take medication at a certain time because periods between doses must be equal. The drug should be used during or after a meal, is not allowed reception on an empty stomach.
  • The maximum daily dose - 60 mg. Even if one of the methods has been omitted in no case do not drink an extra pill to avoid overdose. 60 mg - is the most common dose but in some cases the physician reduces the dosage to 30mg but not less. Such a decision can be justified by taking additional medication or the patient's condition.
  • The duration of therapy varies from 3 to 6 months. If during this time is not observed sustained virological response the doctor is likely to remove the drug because of the inefficiency of the individual.
  • Age over 65 years is not a reason to adjust the dose downward to 30 mg.
  • Avoid enterosorbents that reduce the activity of the active substance and alcohol.

Dosage information

Scheme of treatment of hepatitis C depends on the genotype and the liver disease as well as the results of previous therapies if carried out. As monotherapy is excluded because of its ineffectiveness, consider the examples of the combination of antiviral drugs with the drug.

  • 3 months at genotypes 1 or 4 without cirrhosis combined with Sofosbuvir. If the patient has previously received medication blocking protein NS3 / 4A then the duration of the course can be doubled.
  • 6 months for patients with genotype 1 or 4 in the first stage of cirrhosis with Sofosbuvir. However, if the patient had not previously received treatment or had a low level of initial viral load the rate can be reduced to 3 months.
  • 6 months with genotypes 1 or 4 in the later stages of cirrhosis with Ribavirin and Sofosbuvir.
  • 6 months for patients with genotype 3 in the presence of compensated cirrhosis or in the absence of results from previous assignments. The scheme also includes the simultaneous reception of Sofosbuvir and Ribavirin.
  • 6 months at 4 genotype of hepatitis C and additional drugs Ribavirin and Peginterferon alfa - 6-12 months. In this case, if the virologic response appears from 4 to 11 weeks, the rate of additional drugs is reduced to 3 months. If the blood tests the virus ceases to manifest itself only in the 12th week, the original rate of each drug doubled.

What may interact with Generic Daklinza?

Daklinza is not an independent drug so it is prescribed in combination with other antiviral drugs such as Ribavirin, Peginterferon. Treatment of hepatitis C with it sometimes combined with the reception of Sofosbuvir the effect of which is aimed at blocking NS5V nonstructural protein. This "tandem" is quite effective even in patients who already have pathology of the liver. The results of safety studies and efficacy with Simeprevir show high efficacy of this dual therapy in relation to genotype 1.

What should I watch for while taking Daklinza?

Conception is contraindicated during treatment with any of the partners and for 4-5 weeks after completion of the course. In this case you need to use contraceptive measures. Cirrhosis of the liver or transplant, as well as any other operational methods of treatment, is not always the reason for the refusal of admission of Daklatasvir. The decision must be taken by the attending physician appointed at the same time the additional control measures. Read carefully instruction if you buy Generic Daklinza online.

What side effects may I notice from Generic Daklinza?

Available at reception of Daklatasvir side effects do not always show the need for withdrawal of the drug. Depending on what drugs are taken together with it unwanted effects may be different. Combination with Sofosbuvir can lead to the following undesirable effects:

  • Headache, general lethargy, nausea - these effects are quite often more than 10% of patients.
  • Problems with the digestive tract (loss of appetite, indigestion, bloating, constipation).
  • Pain in the abdomen, in the joints, muscles.
  • Dry skin.
  • Disturbances in the nervous system (insomnia, frequent and prolonged dizziness).
  • Violation of the psycho-emotional balance (irritability, anxiety).
  • Anemia.

Where can I keep Daklinza?

Keep the drug in a dry place out of sunlight at a room temperature. Don’t let kids play with it!

Treatment of: , Antivirals, HIV, Disease, Countries sales
Active Ingredient: Daclatasvir
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Treatment of: , Antivirals, HIV, Disease, Countries sales
Active Ingredient: Daclatasvir
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