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Tadalis® Sx (Tadalafil)

Product name: Tadalis® Sx (Tadalafil)

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Active Ingredient:Tadalafil

Manufacturer: Ajanta Pharma Limited

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What is Tadalis Sx?Does your age prevent you from fully enjoying intimate relationships? Are you not confident in yourself and are afraid to fail ..
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What is Tadalis Sx?

Does your age prevent you from fully enjoying intimate relationships? Are you not confident in yourself and are afraid to fail in bed? The innovative drug Tadalis Sx is a soft solution to a tough problem! This is a pharmaceutical product that is designed to strengthen and stabilize potency in men of any age. The active substance of the drug is a benzoic compound Tadalafil, which according to the international ATC classification refers to the products for treating erectile dysfunction. The mechanism of action is based on increasing the flow of blood to the head of the penis, which contributes to a steady erection.

The positive thing is that without sexual stimulation, the sexual organ does not strain. This proves that Tadalis Sx triggers natural processes in the body, and does not contribute to their imitation.

The results of the conducted studies showed that more than 80% of men after taking the drug had a good mood, increased sexual desire, the quality of sexual intercourse increased, fears and anxieties disappeared.

A sexual stimulant can be used not only to treat erectile dysfunction, but also as its prevention. While taking the drug, you can eat fatty foods and alcohol in small amounts.

Tadalis contains 20 mg of Tadalafil in each tablet. With sexual excitement, nitric oxide is released, which activates the action of a particular enzyme, which increases the amount of a chemical called guanosine monophosphate (cGMP). This substance relaxes the walls of the blood vessels in the penis, allowing the blood to fill its spongy and cavernous bodies, which is necessary for the onset of an erection. Another enzyme, namely phosphodiesterase-5 (PDE-5), destroys cGMP, preventing blood filling of the penis, which leads to loss of erection. Tadalis 20 mg inhibits the action of PDE-5, thereby allowing the activation of the mechanism of cGMP for the onset and maintenance of the hardness of the penis.

In what kind of disease treatment, Tadalis Sx is helpful?

Pills Tadalis Sx 20 mg are used to treat sexual impotence in men who are unable to achieve and maintain the firmness of the penis necessary for sexual activity. It occurs as a result of insufficient blood filling of the penis. The drug Tadalis is an analogue of Cialis (its generic), that is, it has the same properties as the original, but is produced by another pharmaceutical company with a slightly modified formula.

What should I discuss with my healthcare provider before taking Tadalis Sx?

Treatment with the drug Tadalis Sx 20 mg has no special contraindications, but it all depends on the characteristics of the body. There may be allergic reactions to one of the constituent components; therefore, before taking it, you should carefully read the instructions. The list of general contraindications includes:

  • Minors
  • Those who take medicines with nitrates
  • Men suffering from heart and liver diseases

Particular attention should be paid to the treatment of these pills in case of need for further road trips — they can distort color perception.

Tadalis Sx 20 mg should be taken only under the supervision of a doctor if men have been diagnosed with priapism.

How should I take Tadalis Sx?

Tadalis is taken 30 minutes before the sexual act, regardless of food. Swallow the medicine with a glass of clean, cool water, this will help to swallow the pill and contribute to its rapid absorption into the blood. Excessive dosage can lead to health problems.

The amount of active ingredient in the tablet is selected to achieve the maximum effect. The drug is freely available, but before starting the treatment it is better to consult a doctor, regardless of where you’re going to buy this drug: from a traditional pharmacy or buy Tadalis online.

Tadalis Sx dosage information

The maximum recommended Tadalis Sx dose is 20 mg. The drug should be taken before the alleged sexual intimacy in the period from half an hour to 36 hours. The drug can be taken at a frequency not more than once a day. In addition, the pill can be divided, and one can select an individual dose, which can make up half or even a quarter of the pill.

What may interact with?

Tadalis is able to interact with certain drugs, resulting in changes in its own activity. So, antacid preparations reduce the absorption of Tadalafil, suppressing its effect. Antibiotic Erythromycin and antifungal agent Intraconazole, on the contrary, have an intensifying effect, increasing the level of Tadalafil. In addition, it is worth remembering that Tadalis cannot be combined with nitrates, since it enhances their hypotensive effect.

If you suffer from erectile dysfunction, buying Tadalis Sx 20 mg is the right decision, as it allows you to regain your sexual activity, prolong intimate affinity and feel self-confidence. You may buy this medication in a safe and reliable traditional drugstore or you may buy Tadalis 20 mg at an affordable price online without compromising its quality.

What should I watch for while taking Tadalis Sx?

Tadalis Sx 20 mg starts working in half an hour after taking the drug. The body starts the process of active blood circulation in the intimate organs of a man; there is a relaxation of the smooth muscles of the penis. The pills operate for 36 hours. After the end of sexual intercourse, as a result of natural stimulation, an erection may occur again.

Tadalis Sx for erectile dysfunction is characterized by local effects, without causing a general excitation in the body. Remember that you should be attracted to a partner. If sexual desire is absent, the desired effect will not be achieved.

The main advantages of this drug include:

  • Fast result. It takes only 30 minutes for the active substance to get into the bloodstream
  • Lasting effect. Having taken one pill, one shouldn’t bother to take another pill for 36 hours: the drug will work any minute when it is necessary within this period of time
  • If there’s no physical or psychological stimulation, then it does not bring any discomfort to the man
  • There is no adverse effect on the heart, liver or kidney because of this drug
  • The level of testosterone in the blood remains unchanged
  • There is no effect on spermatozoid mobility

Thanks to these advantages, almost all men suffering from sexual dysfunction can take Tadalis, as well as those who want to improve the quality of their sexual life.

Tadalis Sx side effects

The most likely side effects of Tadalis Sx are headache, dizziness, dyspepsia, nasal congestion, nausea. More rare side effects include visual impairment, lacrimation, changes in blood pressure (lowering / rising), dyspnea, drowsiness, lumbar or joint pain.

Where can I keep Tadalis Sx?

Keep this medicine in a place where children and pets cannot reach it. Do not store this medication in the kitchen or bathroom, because steam and high temperatures significantly shorten the shelf life of this medication. For the same reason, you need to keep this medicine away from direct sunlight. Storage temperature should not exceed 30 ° C (86°F) or be below 15 ° C (59°F). The expiration date of this medication should be indicated on the package. Ask your doctor how to properly dispose of this medication after this time.

You can buy Tadalis Sx online without prescription and with shipping in the shortest possible time. Italy online pharmacies carry out fast international shipping. Or you can buy this product in any conventional pharmacy.

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Tadalis Sx (Tadalafil)
20mg × 12 pills, 20mg × 20 pills, 20mg × 32 pills, 20mg × 60 pills, 20mg × 92 pills, 20mg × 120 pills, 20mg × 180 pills
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Tadalis® Sx (Tadalafil)

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