What is myositis?

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Pain sensations in the lumbar region may appear suddenly. The dorsal region is more than other parts of the body subjected to loads and physical stress. The small of the back hurts because of injuries, osteochondrosis, radiculitis. But most often there is pain in the lower back and shoulder blades due to hypothermia of the muscles. A similar state in medical terminology is called myositis. This reaction begins about three days after exposure to cold.

How do tell that you have myositis? If there is acute or pulling pain in the lumbar region. Sharp pain occurs in the area of the blades, neck and pelvis. It seems that the muscles of the back and waist are twisting and contracting. The pain is so strong that it is impossible to turn or make a movement without the appearance of a feeling of stabbing with a knife. This is a direct sign that you are experiencing back pain due to a draft. It’s painful not only to walk and move, but even to cough, sneeze or laugh.

Also the symptoms of myositis are:

  • First of all — it is impossible to change the position of the body. The sick person cannot straighten up and is constantly in a crooked position
  • Very often, pain sensations appear in the lower extremities, and not only in the lower back
  • There are complications in the form of frequent urination and menstrual cycle disorders in women

Complications appear either immediately, together with back pain, or the next day, as a protective reaction of the body to stress.

Painful sensations appear due to the fact that the muscles after exposure to cold become inflamed and spasm occurs. Since the disruption of blood circulation does not appear immediately, a person may not find a connection between hypothermia and the pain that has arisen.

What are the causes of myositis? People often subconsciously think that in the warm season they are almost 100% protected from diseases, and even more so from such harmful phenomenon as a draft. Therefore, the first reason why the back hurts is, it is paradoxical, work in the hot time on the street. So what actually happens inside the body? The person warms up the muscles during work, and when it’s time to take a break and rest, he or she gets a little cool air. A draft sharply narrows the heated muscles, causing a spasm. For this reason, people of certain professions hurt their health, suffer from back pain. For example, drivers, as they often leave the warm cars to cool air.

Such a problem quite often bothers office workers, who chose a place unsuccessfully located near the air conditioner. And after entering the office after a hot street, the person can get a sharp hypothermia of the muscles around the waist. After the muscles of the back have warmed up, and then they were exposed to cold air, there is a disruption of blood circulation and spasm. It is spasm that makes the sick person to feel pain.

In addition to hypothermia, the myositis causes could be infectious diseases, muscle fatigue, helminths, exposure to toxic substances.

How to treat myositis? A sharp pain in the back arises unexpectedly and many of us want to cure the pain without resorting to expensive medications. There are a few tips on what to do if you have myositis. The first thing you need to do is to ensure a comfortable lying position and warming of the zone of the shoulder blades and waist. It is also necessary to observe bed rest for three to four days. However, if you decide to treat the disease yourself, you should understand that it can be ineffective, time consuming or even harmful.

To warm up the muscles you can use various warming ointments for the muscles. Folk remedies suggest the use of alcohol compresses or warmers with warm salt. Such an alternative method of myositis treatment is quite effective. After the ointments or compresses are applied to the problem area, additional warming is needed in the form of a woolen scarf, a duvet or blanket for the muscles. The heating of the lumbar region improves blood circulation and increases the speed of delivery to damaged tissues of nutrients.

Unfortunately, the answer to the question of how to quickly cure myositis does not exist. You can only temporarily dull the pain until the moment the muscles completely recover. If a person has myositis, he or she experiences incredible pain. Therefore, analgesic drugs are used to relieve tension in the muscles. Very often doctors advise to use Indocin.

By the way, in no case should you take a hot bath. Despite the fact that it gives the warmth that the muscles need. Hot water only increases pain in the muscles of the back.

In the process of treating myositis, back and limb massage is a very good and effective way to relieve pain and relax the muscles. In addition, special physiotherapy procedures significantly speed up treatment. For example, a doctor can prescribe procedures using electrophoresis or electrical muscle stimulation. Also for a speedy recovery is not forbidden to resort to acupuncture procedures.

A very important point: when you feel that you have almost recovered, you need to be cautious and move only with warmers around the waist and not making sudden, sharp movements, very slowly and smoothly. You also need to be sure that you don’t have other spinal diseases besides muscular spasm, such as vertebral hernia or osteochondrosis. See, the problem is that with these diseases it is not recommended to perform an intensive warming of the back. In this case, you need to see a doctor. And, most likely, a good specialist will prescribe special drugs that need to be injected into the muscles to eliminate spasms. So, as you can see, as soon as you feel a pain in your back, it is better to go to the hospital right away, since it is very difficult for people without medical education to make a correct diagnosis.

Drug treatment is prescribed by a doctor only in extreme cases, when traditional methods and prevention do not help. If you decide to go to a specialist, the first thing to do is to consult a neurologist, proceeding from the fact that the basis of pain can hide in the defeat of nerves. Also in determining the causes of pain and treatment, a rheumatologist will help. The health-improving procedures will be performed by a physiotherapist and a massage therapist.

If you once had myositis back muscles and you already had experience of treating this disease, then from now on you must be extremely cautious. First of all you should dress according to weather conditions. And even if the sun shines in the spring and autumn, you should not take off your jacket and walk in the cold air. It is necessary to pay attention to drafts in the house or workplace and to avoid them. If this does not work, you should always wear a warming belt, which will protect you from hypothermia of the muscles, always providing a warming effect for the back. Not only for the waist, but for the entire body it will be useful if you’ll take care of the immunity. Take vitamins and minerals for normal circulation and tissue development.

After two or three months have passed since you had myositis, start doing special preventive and strengthening gymnastics. It will be useful to regularly visit the pool, since swimming helps to strengthen the muscles while having a relaxing effect

No one is immune to the occurrence of acute pain in the back. But if you treat your health and physical state attentively and responsibly, you can protect yourself from adverse consequences.

Last update: Feb 17, 2018

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