Self Treatment

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It is no secret that a lot of people at bad health are treated independently. In choosing self treatment majority of people are guided by recommendations of physicians that they have received before or personal experience. Many of us have at least once bought drugs focusing only on advertising in the media. It may seem that the drugs belong to the ordinary consumer goods but this type of product requires special treatment. The notion that OTC is harmless is false and dangerous. Unrestrained taking of any drug, changing scheme designated by physician can lead to complications, side effects.

Potential risks include false self treatment, self-diagnosis and treatment choices, deterioration due to the elapsed time and ineffective treatment. Wrong way drug intake errors in dose selection, storage of the drug in the wrong conditions these are all consequences of uncontrolled treatment.

Most people are looking for specific ratings of online pharmacies and choose among them reliable and when they got a good drug - important as it is to take this drug. First of all, we can recommend contacting the hotline. There are a lot of such web pharmacies: Denmark online pharmacy, France online pharmacy, Hungary online pharmacy, Sweden online pharmacy, Norway online pharmacy and other European Union online pharmacies. In any reliable pharmacy there is the professional advice that can help you in choosing a medication according to your symptoms and also suggest exactly how to take certain medication but still if you are forced to resort to self treatment, follow simple but important rules:

Rule 1

Buying medications consult your pharmacist; ask him about the interaction with other drugs and alcohol.

Rule 2

Carefully read the instructions for use. Pay particular attention to the section "Contraindications", "Side effects", "Interactions".

Rule 3

Ensure that the correct dose is calculated.

Rule 4

If you are taking multiple medications, make sure the drugs do not contain the same active ingredient.

Rule 5

During pregnancy and breast-feeding before taking any medication you should consult a physician.

Rule 6

Do not self-prescribe drugs to children.

Rule 7

If the condition worsens or there are no positive changes for more than three days - consult your doctor. But if you do decide to do self treatment then you need to know how to do it or to be exactly - how to take medications correctly.

Current patients can take greater part in maintaining their health. This applies not only to treat colds or flu. Proper medical diagnosis, consultation of your doctor will allow you to control some chronic diseases such as diabetes and in that case it is a successful self treatment.

Symptomatic self treatment is not possible in all cases. Seek medical help as soon as possible at:

  • First emerged and reinforced headache, chest pain, abdominal pain;
  • Shortness of breath, palpitations, arrhythmias;
  • Loss or clouding of consciousness, vision;
  • Seizures;
  • Paralysis;
  • Weakness in an arm or leg, double vision.

Follow simple rules to maximize the effect and reduce the risks of self treatment.

1. Detailed discuss with your doctor your future medical treatment.

Tell your doctor about medications that you are taking on their own or on the advice of other doctors. Drugs can interact with each other which sometimes lead to dangerous consequences.

2. Carefully read the instructions to the medication.

Please check the medication before taking. Make sure that chose the correct medication. The names of drugs can be in tune and active ingredients are different. Do not be guided by packaging design. Note the section "Dosage" and dose instructions.

Some medications need to be taken during the day, others - in the evening, some tablets should be swallowed whole, others – chewed. From compliance with these instructions and the doctor's recommendations depends on the success of your treatment. Most capsules and tablets should be drunk with water unless otherwise is indicated in the application instructions. Contrary to popular belief a large capsule will be easier to swallow if you tilt your head forward.

Check the expiration date, follow the storage conditions. Do not use the medication if the expiration date has passed or been broken storage mode, these drugs can cause significant health threat.

3. Follow the doctor's prescriptions and medication rules.

Remember, ethanol which is part of alcoholic beverages can interact with medications. Some drugs should not be taken with alcohol because of the threat of life-threatening conditions - coma, respiratory arrest. Information about drug interactions with alcohol can be found in the instructions for use (sections "Cooperation", "Special instructions") or find out it in a doctor. Some medicines should not be taken during conception, many drugs forbidden to use during pregnancy, even in the earliest stages.

Do not forget to take medication.

You can start a diary and note each taking of the drug, use the reminders on electronic devices or set on the phone a special application, such as MED-Info. Get used to drink medicines at the same time, for example after brushing or breakfast before watching your favorite TV show. Also is useful to sort preparations in containers indicating the days of the week. So you quickly notice that missed dose.

Follow duration of treatment.

Follow the recommendations of your doctor; do not stop taking the drug prematurely. If you have any concerns, discuss them with your doctor. Remember that chronic diseases need to take a number of drugs for life to prevent the development of complications, to minimize health risks.

So as you can understand - the consequences of self treatment can be avoided if you follow all these rules.

Last update: Jun 21, 2017