Is beer dangerous for the male body?

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What beer does to the male body? Many representatives of both sexes what to know answer to this question. Any beer commercial is always accompanied by the inscription that excessive consumption of alcohol is bad for health. But the word "excessive" has different meanings for everybody. In addition, there is an opinion that beer is useful, not addictive, because it belongs to low-alcohol beverages. Some even say that this drink contains a lot of valuable elements. Let's try to figure out: is it useful, as many people say, and what effects of beer on the male body are?

What are side effects of beer on the male body? The fact is that during the brewing process in beer add hops, which contains a hormone phytoestrogen, which is an analogue of the female hormone of progesterone. This substance inhibits the production of testosterone causing a disturbance in the functioning of the endocrine system and hormonal imbalance. In general, the effects of beer on the male body and potency studied for a long time.

Systematic use of alcohol changes as the appearance of a man (and in the bad sense of the word), but also on his health in the form of the following symptoms:

  • Hair loss
  • Muscle mass decreases
  • Beer belly
  • Men’s voice becomes higher pitched, more feminine
  • Decreased sexual activity

If you do not take action, this will lead to fatal consequences. Over time, these changes will be expressed by the extinction of emotions, the change of motor functions, as well as the weakening of memory and inattention. In addition to all the above, abuse of beer leads to degradation of the individual, lack of interest in life and narrowing the horizons. It should also be said that the frequent use of this drink lowers libido and ultimately leads to failures in sex life. In addition, the weakened synthesis of testosterone has a negative effect on the possibility of conception. So those men who dream to become fathers should be very careful with this drink. These are common beer effects on the male health.

Beer lovers often talk about the usefulness of this beverage. They say that humanity has been drinking this medicine for thousands of years. It’s true, people learned to brew this drink in time immemorial, and the author of the recipe is still unknown. However, the brewing process was radically different from the modern one. The technology on which the drink is brewed today has undergone significant changes over the course of centuries. What is now called beer is different in composition, color and effects on the human body. Initially, this beverage could be used to treat some diseases, but the current product of modern technology does not have healing properties, and even the very opposite. Systematic excessive consumption has a detrimental effect on all systems of the organism and does not provide any positive effect on one body. We already talked about the negative effects of beer on the male body and reproduction.

Most fans of this drink never think about what makes them to drink it again and again. As a rule, active propaganda and the availability of this drink make it attractive. However, beer alcoholism is gaining momentum and is getting younger with each passing day. According to physicians, the dependence on this drink is characterized by a quick addiction. People get addicted to beer four times faster than to vodka. In addition, a pleasant taste and bubbles attract many people, and or body does not react to it with such aggression, as, for example, to vodka or whiskey. The hops used in the brewing industry are in the plant world analogous to hemp. Hops contain small quantities of narcotic substances. So beer for the male body is quite dangerous. That is why beer dependence is formed in a very fast time and remains unnoticed for a long time. Studies of specialists show that alcoholism is formed even when drinking non-alcoholic beer (it still contains a little bit of alcohol). Beer alcoholism should be treated. Sometimes this addiction is so strong that patients should take medications to get rid of it, for example, generic Antabuse. Patients can buy it either at traditional pharmacies or from legit Danish pharmacies online.

A bit bitter taste of beer is ensured by psychoactive substances. These components cause hallucinations, have hypnotic and sedative effect. The latter fact, in conjunction with intoxication, is decisive in the development of alcoholism. The man who has formed dependence does not imagine life without the object of his deification. The situation is aggravated by the fact that neither an alcoholic himself nor his loved ones to a certain moment notice or even suspect the problem. The condition of the addict does not cause any concerns. This is why beer is bad for the male body.

Bad effects of beer on the male body include developing heart problems. If a man drinks beer every day, this organ increases in size and deteriorates its blood supply. It provokes the appearance of heart failure and ischemia.

And of course alcohol abuse leads to liver damage. The statement that beer is a low-alcohol beverage and not as harmful as, for example, vodka, is incorrect. According to medical research, 80% of people who drink about ten liters of beer every week suffer from liver damage, including cirrhosis. The organ is struggling to neutralize the influence of the beverage on the body and therefore worse copes with its other functions.

Probably everyone felt the effect of beer on the kidneys: shortly after a man drank beer he wants to go to the toilet. The fact is that under the influence of this drink, normal for the body acid-base balance is disturbed, and its recovery requires more intensive work of the kidneys. Accordingly, the production of urine will increase, which is evidence of the overload of organs and may even lead to hemorrhage in the kidneys. Beer and the male body shouldn’t “meet” very often.

Effects of drinking beer for the male body have recently become the subject of study of specialists. Now we can make a clear conclusion that beer in any quantities has a detrimental effect on humans.

Last update: Mar 24, 2018

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