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Many people, surprisingly, do not know how to use eye drops. In spite of the apparent simplicity of this procedure, there are several nuances that need to be considered. We will discuss them later in this article.

They say that it is very important to use medical products properly, observing the rules of administration. In this case the medicine will act quickly and correctly. And this applies to all kinds of medical products.

With the eyes, the situation is even more serious, because in this case there is a direct contact with the place of the pathological process. And if we are dealing with infectious diseases, then direct contact with the affected part of the organ of vision. Eye drops are often used to cure such serious illnesses as glaucoma. Therefore, it is very important to correctly instill eye drops, so that treatment leads to the desired result.

Of course, the dosage of the medicine, as well as the curative program, should be chosen by the physician. In no case do not decide on how to use eye drops by yourself and how often to use to do so. Such excessive independence can be extremely dangerous. In the majority of cases, it leads to very serious impairments in the functioning of the eye, unforeseen consequences, and even a decrease in visual acuity, which may not recover at all. Therefore it is extremely important to listen to what the attending physician says, carefully follow the instructions to the chosen medicine and follow the instructions of specialists.

Usually, in the packaging of eye drops (bought in an ordinary drugstore or in a Denmark online pharmacy), there is always a special pipette that does not allow the solution to flow out in a single moment. The medicine should be instilling drop by drop. Even if you need to put in three drops, this is done with a certain time interval, which is necessary in order to clearly observe the dosage.

Certainly, it is best if someone else helps you to administer eye drops. This will allow your eyes to relax, which will greatly improve their reaction to the medicine. Some people feel fear of this manipulation and reflexively squeeze their eyelids. Of course, in this case it is unlikely that you will be able to treat your eyes properly. And in this case it will be reasonable to perform self-manipulation, using the instruction that the physician recommend for self-instillation. So, let's see how to properly use eye drops and in what sequence you need to do it.

Eye drops should be instilled in the following sequence:

Preparation for the manipulation. First and foremost, you must prepare the eye drops, that is, read the instructions for dosing and opening the vial. Also, you should prepare a clean cloth made of natural fabric, because it may be necessary to wipe off excess fluid from the eyes. Then you need to wash your hands thoroughly. It is the hands that are the dirtiest parts of the limbs that can contact with the organ of vision. Therefore, do not skip this step, as it sometimes happens, you should approach hand hygiene seriously. Hands should be washed with soap under running water. If this for some reason cannot be done, then the hands must necessarily be treated with an antiseptic solution. But it must be remembered that antiseptics are chemical substances. If you do not wipe them off the surface of your hands immediately or do not let the alcohol fade, you can seriously damage your eyes. Therefore, such things must be remembered and carried out.

How to safely instill eye drops without transferring infection from one eye to another? A very important point in the process of opening the bottle with eye drops is autonomy. The bottle must never be placed on different surfaces, except that only on a sterile bandage or cotton wool. But, in general, it is best that he does not touch anything, including the eyelids. It is important to observe the necessary distance. It will be best if the vial of medicine is kept at a distance of three to five centimeters from the eyeball. This gives the droppers an opportunity to get directly into the eyes without causing uncomfortable sensations.

An important role is played by the position of your body during this procedure. Health care professionals recommend how to put in eye drops: take a comfortable position during the manipulation. This can be lying, standing or sitting position, whatever you prefer. As a rule, if a person is at work, then he or she simply does not have the opportunity to lie down. In this case, you must sit on a chair, lean back on the backrest and tilt your head back.

Once the bottle has been prepared, it is necessary to open it and bring it closer to the eyes. Once again, note that the bottle or hands should never touch the eyeball.

At the moment of instillation, the sight should be pointed upwards. This contributes to the fact that the medicine will get into the conjunctival sack correctly and there will be no fear.

At the next stage, one hand should slightly pull down the lower eyelid, without touching the site, which is adjacent to the mucosa.

Then you can begin to instill the drug solution into the conjunctival sac. If you press the bottle once, one drop of the solution should appear. The bottles of most ophthalmic medicines act on this principle.

After the medicine has got into the eye, do not squeeze the eyelids. This can lead to the fact that the fluid will flow out of the conjunctival sac and does not affect the pathological focus. It is necessary to cover the eyelids very accurately and sit for a few minutes until the medicine is distributed throughout the surface of the eyeball.

If the doctor has appointed this manipulation for both eyes, then it must be performed alternately on each eye, so that the medicine is evenly distributed across the eyeball and began to act. And if the ophthalmologist has appointed several types of drops, then they should be used with an interval of ten minutes. Hopefully, now you know how to put in eye drops properly.

Last update: Jul 23, 2017

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