How to quickly get rid of helminths?

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According to some statistics, 95% of the population of the planet carries parasites. Most modern physicians deny such data. However, the helminths continue to be an actual problem of the present. Why is this so topical? How to treat helminths so they leave your body once and for all?

The modern pharmaceutical industry offers a large variety of drugs for parasites. Drugs for helminths treatment can be bought at many pharmacy points in your city. Helminths usually affect all family members at the same time. For cleaning the body and prophylaxis, antiparasitic medications are used.

Among the variety of antiparasitic pills everyone can choose the medicine that is perfect for their particular case and has an affordable price.

The human body is an ideal habitat for many types of parasites that absorb nutrients, minerals and vitamins in the human body, while provoking a number of disorders in the work of internal organs and systems.

Parasitic disease can lead to the development of secondary infection and become a consequence of concomitant pathologies of chronic form. Nowadays, it is not that difficult to prevent infection and to cure already diagnosed helminthiasis.

It is necessary to consider the basic principles of treatment of helminth infections, and which anti-parasitic drugs will help get rid of helminths.

These medications differ by pharmacokinetic action. Before you buy any antiparasitic medicine you need to know the type of helminths that you have. The medical professional will help with the diagnosis and prescribe treatment.

Medicines for helminths treatment in children and adults differ in dosage. Doctors prescribe such medications depending on age characteristics and anamnesis of illnesses in a patient.

How to quickly treat helminths? Many people believe that all they have to do is to take an antiparasitic drug. In fact, the treatment of helminthiasis involves not only drugs, but also certain recommendations.

First, before taking meds, the human body needs to be cleaned and prepared for further treatment. To get rid of the products of life of worms, professionals recommend abundant warm drinking, medications of choleretic action, as well as detoxification drugs.

On the eve of taking an antiparasitic drug it is recommended to have light food, with a minimum of fat and calories, to take laxatives. Secondly, in order to obtain the necessary therapeutic effect, sometimes combine medications prescribed by a doctor and also herbal medicines.

People who are going to take pills for helminthic treatment should know which rules should be followed:

Before taking such medications it is necessary to clean the intestine with an enema. To clean the intestine you can use saline solution and decoction of the triticale

Patients need to know which drugs are forbidden to take together. To make sure that the treatment only brings good results and not harm, consult with a physician-parasitologist

All anti-parasitic drugs shouldn’t be taken on the full stomach so as not to provoke the appearance of vomiting, nausea and diarrhea. It should be borne in mind that all medications for helminth infection treatment are a poison for parasites, and therefore lead to partial poisoning of the body

Adult patients should avoid high-risk activities after taking such drugs. It is especially important not to drink alcohol for 24 hours

Proper adherence to the use of medications from helminthes helps to achieve a long lasting effect in the treatment. Self-treatment is strictly prohibited.

Treatment of intestinal helminthiasis would ineffective without adherence to the following rules:

As the result of the death of parasites your body is going to be filled with a huge amount of toxins, so your weakened body is going to need some help: lead a healthy lifestyle after treatment, adhere to the rules of hygiene, if necessary, and if the doctor allows — take special vitamin complexes.

If the helminth invasion has a severe form, then immunomodulatory drugs are recommended, to support the human body.

During treatment it is mandatory to take into account the intensity of helminthiasis, its type, the number of adult parasite species. It is often the case that getting rid of parasites is carried out in several stages, and it is necessary to take several antihelminthic drugs.

The last stage of therapy can be called restorative, and it necessarily requires medications that help restore the functionality of the liver and the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, sometimes medications that support the immune system, increase the body's natural protective forces are required.

Very rarely worm and its "nest" have to be removed by surgical intervention.

Proponents of alternative ways may consider natural remedies for helminths treatment. True, it should be noted that such treatment is much longer.

So, folk doctors recommend eating pumpkin seeds before going to bed, also carrots or drinking beet juice.

Importantly! If one of the family members is infected with helminths, all family members should also be treated.

If one of the family members has become a habitat for worms, careful prevention is required in order not to become an object for these parasites. What is the prevention of worms?

It is necessary to do the following:

1. Wear underwear with dense elastic band and cover patient's anus with cotton swab

2. Regularly iron all clothes and, first of all, underwear

3. It is important to wash your hands before eating

4. Carefully wash the anal opening after defecation

Helminths travel freely from the body to the body, in search of a better life. But for this they need a supportive environment. They “love” people who ignore the rules of hygiene. What rules should be followed to avoid becoming a place of residence for parasites?

1. Wash hands thoroughly with soap when you get home from the street, before and after the meal

2. Clean and trim the nails, so that dirt does not get under them

3. Change underwear every day

4. Wash your genitals and take a shower with soap every day

5. Do not eat raw meat and fish; they must be well-cooked

6. Thoroughly rinse vegetables, fruits and greens in warm water

7. Carry out regular cleaning at home

8. Take care of your pet’s health and hygiene

Last update: Feb 17, 2018

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