How to properly use an inhaler

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How to properly use an inhaler and why everybody should know this information?

One of the most severe chronic pathologies in the world is bronchial asthma. This is a condition in which in the human organism there is inflammation of the respiratory system and excessive activity of the respiratory system. Due to the influence of irritating factors, occurs a strong suffocation. In this state, a person needs urgent help, since in its absence death may occur. It is a known fact that no one can survive without air, and no ambulance is able to arrive so quickly. That is why it is useful for every person to know how to use an inhaler properly. After all, who knows, maybe one day this information will help you save your life or the life of another person.

Inhalations are a convenient tool that is used for ailments of the respiratory system. In the distant past, people used some medicinal herbs to cure these illnesses or to alleviate their manifestations. However, such actions, although effective, but require a lot of time, which is unacceptable at the time of an attack of asthma. A person in this state can begin to panic and if the knowledge of how to use an inhaler correctly can help to calm down.

Thanks to modern inhalers, it is possible to instantly deliver the drug substance to the source of the illness. To date, the arsenal of such funds is large enough and each has its pros and cons. The main task of any of these devices is to deliver the medicine to the bronchi as soon as possible and thereby stop the attack of suffocation.

A person cannot choose an inhaler independently, unless it’s a health care professional. This issue should be handled by a qualified doctor pulmonologist. This specialist should explain how to use an asthma inhaler. But there are separate criteria that must be taken into account when making this choice:

  • Ease and practicality of application
  • Ensuring the greatest flow of medication into the respiratory system
  • Selection of medicine according to the form of pathology

It is worth noting that the procedure itself has certain features. Read carefully how to use an inhaler instruction:

  • After the cap has been removed, the container should be turned upside down and shaken as best as possible
  • For greater practicality, the thumb should be placed on the bottom of the device, and the middle finger on the bottom of the device
  • You need to bring the device to your mouth and enfold it with your lips while exhaling
  • In the process of pressing the balloon it is necessary to take a deep breath and hold your breath for a few seconds, then slowly breathe out

If the medicine has not had the desired effect, you need to repeat the procedure again.

Important notes:

  • A person with asthma should always carry an inhaler
  • The limit of use of this medical device is eight times a day
  • Before you first time using an inhaler, you should carefully read the annotation, as some drugs have certain contraindications
  • Obey unquestioningly all the advice of the attending physician, take care of your health, exclude excessive emotional and physical exertion

You always need to check how much medical product is left in the inhaler device. After all, if at the time of an attack of the disease it is empty, this can lead to the death of the sick person. Some health care professionals say that it makes sense to buy several inhaler canisters at once in a regular drugstore or in an Italian online pharmacy. But in this case, you need to closely monitor the shelf life of the inhaler, because you do not want to use any medicinal products that expired.

As you see, this procedure is not very difficult. Just remember the sequence of actions, keep calm and everything will be fine.

Last update: Jul 29, 2017

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