Common pregnancy problems

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Unfortunately recently in pregnant women there are more and more complications and many do not know how to cope with the pregnancy problems. Of course, first of all you need to go to the doctor because they are professionals and will always be able to help you, but you still need to be ready and notice the first symptoms in time because women’s health is very important. For this we have compiled a pregnancy problems list:

If there is a violation of movement of the egg along the tube into the uterus, an ectopic pregnancy develops. This usually occurs when the epithelium of the mucous membrane of the tube is damaged as a result of the transferred inflammatory diseases of the internal genital organs, after abortions. Less often it develops in the presence of ferruginous formations in the tubes, with the underdevelopment of the genital organs. But if the egg for some reason (for example, with chronic inflammation of the tube, adhesions) is implanted not in the uterus but in the tube, in the ovary, in the abdominal cavity. In 99% of cases, it is tubal. Since the pipe cannot increase in diameter to the size of baby, it breaks. Most often, it is interrupted at 4-6 weeks. The rupture of the tube is accompanied by internal bleeding and shock due to sudden acute pain in the lower abdomen and blood loss. It is not one of the most common pregnancy problems but still a lot of women faced with it.

Symptoms are: cramping pain accompanied by a brief fainting. Pain after a few hours pass and the patient can feel healthy but the risk of repeated severe internal bleeding remains. Therefore, additional studies are needed to establish the diagnosis (ultrasound, pregnancy reactions, puncture of the posterior vaginal fornix, etc.) and medical supervision, sometimes up to 2-3 weeks. The main help is the urgent delivery of the woman to the hospital. Treatment: removal of a damaged fallopian tube and stopping bleeding surgically.

Inflammation of the breast is most often the result of improper feeding during nagging and cracking of the nipple and is especially common in primiparous women. The area of the breast (or it all) hardens, becomes painful, hot, the skin beneath it turns red, it becomes shiny. The nipple is usually retracted. The body temperature rises; there is a feeling of fatigue, weakness, fever, chills, headache. There is loss of appetite, insomnia. Ocular lymph nodes often grow and become painful.

The first attempts at treatment can begin without a doctor, struggling with engorgement of the breast. If treatment is started in a timely manner, then one can achieve recovery without surgery. The basis of treatment at home is the exclusion of milk stagnation in the mammary gland. A child should not be weaned from a sick chest. It is necessary to fix the mammary gland with a properly selected bra, kerchief or bandage, apply moist warmth (warm towel, shower) for 10-15 minutes every 6 hours, take acetaminophen to relieve fever and reduce soreness, rest more. Do not restrict the use of liquids but you must reduce the amount of food you eat, especially fatty. After consultation with a doctor, antibacterial treatment is usually used. But if the mammary gland has already formed an abscess, then a surgical operation is indicated.

Vomiting during pregnancy is the most often form of early toxicosis. It is associated with a violation of corticovisceral regulation - the excitability of the subcortex is increased, the activity of the cerebral cortex is reduced. At the heart are violations of reflex reactions to irritation of the nerve receptors in the uterus. Vomiting of pregnant women takes place in mild, moderate and severe forms. The mild form passes without treatment. In vomiting of moderate severity frequency is up to 15-20 times a day. It is not associated with food intake that is why it is not form of digestion pregnancy problems. Rapidly growing signs of dehydration: dry skin, thinning of the subcutaneous base, a significant loss in mass; Pulse to 100 beats per minute, blood pressure is reduced; the temperature rises to 37.5 ° C, the smell of acetone from the mouth and its presence in the urine.

Severe form of vomiting: uninterrupted, painful vomiting, pulse 120 per minute or more, blood pressure is significantly reduced, the temperature rises to 38 ° C, diuresis is extremely low, the reaction to acetone in the urine is sharply positive. Later, there are violations of liver function, severe intoxication, coma, accompanied by convulsions, against which death occurs.

Metrorrhagia or abundant uterine bleeding not associated with menstruation. It is observed at any age. Causes: young women appear in connection with the violations, with inflammation of the fallopian tubes, tumors. Abundant bleeding may occur after abortion or childbirth, if parts of the fetus or placenta remain.

These problems are very dangerous as they may be early pregnancy problems. Of course there are a lot of medications which are sold in USA Online Pharmacies that can help to eliminate all symptoms but mainly you should eliminate a problem but not consequences.

Last update: Jun 21, 2017

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