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Product name: Eulexin (Flutamide)

Category: , Cancer, Men's Health, Disease, Countries sales

Active Ingredient: Flutamide

Manufacturer: Cipla

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What is Generic Eulexin?

The main active substance is Flutamide. The drug has antitumor effect and can serve as an anti-androgen. Effect of the drug is to block the interaction of cellular receptors with androgens, thereby preventing the manifestations of the biological effects of male sex hormones. The drug is capable to interrupt the negative feedback between the hypothalamic-pituitary system and the testes by interacting with androgen receptors in the pituitary and hypothalamus. The result of such effects is disinhibition processes of secretion of gonadotropins and significant increase of their content in the blood and urine, and increased testosterone concentrations in the patient's plasma. Generic Eulexin is able to prevent the effects of testosterone on the patient cells thus being complementary to castration drug. The result of the impact is - reduction in the size and density of the prostate, reduced amount and size of metastasis in tissues in prostate cancer disease as well as a significant reduction of bone pain.

Purpose of this drug is in the direction of cancer cells originating in the prostate gland. In the treatment with Eulexin tumor size is significantly reduced, decreasing its density and slows down the development of metastases. However, this drug does not completely inhibit the function of other hormones such as estrogen, progesterone, and others.

In what kind of disease treatment with Eulexin is helpful?

Best reviews of Generic Eulexin are received in the following diseases:

  • Treatment of prostate cancer with metastases(when this preparation is used as a monotherapy or in conjunction with irradiation);
  • Differential diagnosis of male hypogonadism.

What should I tell my health care provider before I take Generic Eulexin?

It is not recommended to use the drug in the manifestation of the following contraindications:

  • Hypersensitivity to the active substance of the drug;
  • Intoxication with aniline;
  • Smoking;
  • Hemoglobinopathies;
  • Lack of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase;
  • Severe disorders of the liver, kidney and pancreas.

Compliance with the caution is required when treating patients with a tendency to form blood clots and suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular system that is why you need tell about state of your healh before buy Generic Eulexin online.

How should I take Eulexin?

To take the medicine you need internally. The instructions to the drug indicated that when a positive result is achieved it is allowed long-term use as long as are not manifested signs of new development of neoplastic processes.

Dosage information

The drug is taken daily and only as intended by the attending physician. It is ingested orally three times a day 250 mg every 8 hours. Upon successful treatment and disappearance of symptoms stop taking.       

What may interact with Generic Eulexin?

Inform your doctor about every medication that you take or used to take in last 3 months before you buy Generic Eulexin in online pharmacy because it may cause bad consequences.

What should I watch for while taking Eulexin?

It should be noted that frequent reviews of Eulexin are related to the treatment of women who have experienced a displacement of hormonal activity. Usually in patients is manifested various problems with the skin or hair. In this sometimes occurs alopecia, characteristic of the male type, acne appears on the skin, increases skin oiliness. When men take Eulexin then they are often concerned about the side effects. For example, there are described cases that forcing to stop treatment because it means an adverse effect on liver function.

Women of reproductive age should remember that at the time of treatment they should be protected from possible pregnancy. When the ladies are planning to conceive a child, they should timely stop taking the drug. Such drugs can become especially dangerous if they are used alone and unchecked. But also is possible to buy Generic Eulexin without prescription.

What side effects may I notice from Generic Eulexin?

In violation of the application instructions may be a manifestation of side effects of Generic Eulexin. For maximum protection from the adverse effects of the drug it is mandatory to follow the recommendations and the appointments of specialists, as well as to avoid unauthorized purpose or receiving this drug. In some cases there may be a manifestation of the following side effects:

  • Diarrhea;
  • Decreased libido;
  • Impotence;
  • Flushing in the face;
  • Anemia;
  • Leucopenia;
  • Some disorders of neuromuscular conduction;
  • Skin rash;
  • Pain in the breast;
  • Skin ulcerations;
  • Change in appetite;
  • Itching of the skin;
  • Vomiting;
  • Violations of the liver.

Since this drug can have an effect on the hormonal system then its use often leads to pain in the breast and gynecomastia. In addition, it is possible the suppression of sexual activity, sperm production and development of erectile dysfunction. Reception of Generic Eulexin can lead to indigestion; affect the liver, causing jaundice or other violations.

Where can I keep Eulexin?

This drug should be stored in a dry place, out of reach of children. Also you can buy Generic Eulexin online in USA online pharmacies.

Active Ingredient: Flutamide
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Active Ingredient: Flutamide
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