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Product name: Generic Calan SR

Category: Cardiovascular Diseases, Hypertension, Disease

Active Ingredient: Verapamil

Manufacturer: Piramal

Status: Checked

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What is Generic Calan SR?

Calan SR is a medicamentous remedy from the group of preparations blocking the intake of calcium ions in the heart and blood vessels. Its main functions: the normalization of the rhythm of the heart and high blood pressure.

The main active substance is Verapamil, the effect of which is to reduce myocardial contractions, a significant expansion of the coronary arteries, a decrease in the overall resistance of the vessels and the tone of the smooth muscles of the arteries of the upper and lower extremities. Absorption of the drug occurs in the small intestine (by 90-91%). Assimilation of the drug is 22% with a single dose and is doubled with its regular intake. Features of the distribution: the therapeutic agent combines with blood plasma proteins and is metabolized in the kidneys.

Features of the withdrawal from the body: half of the accepted dose of the drug is withdrawn 24 hours after its administration, 70% - within the next 5 days. There are not so many Calan SR reviews, but those that can be found on third-party Internet resources are mostly positive. So, people taking this drug, mark its high efficiency in terms of normalizing the work of the heart and lowering the high pressure.

In what kind of disease treatment Calan SR is helpful?

It is recommended for such diseases:

1. All forms of ischemic heart disease.

2. High blood pressure.

3. A sharp increase in the frequency of contractions of the cardiac muscle (supraventricular paroxysmal tachycardia).

4. Atrial fibrillation.

What should I tell my health care provider before I take Generic Calan SR?

It is not recommended for:

1. A sharp decrease in the contractility of the heart muscle.

2. Acute stage of myocardial infarction.

3. AVB II, III degree.

4. Syndrome of weakness of the sinus node.

5. CHF.

6. The age is under 18 years.

7. Individual intolerance of the components of the drug.

How should I take Calan SR?

Tablets are taken orally after eating. The Calan SR dosage is chosen for each patient individually. Take the drug after meals (you can at the time of eating), swallowing completely, not chewing, but with water (you can not wash it down with grapefruit juice).

Dosage information

Dosage to adults and adolescents with a weight of 50 kg or more with IHD, supraventricular paroxysmal tachycardia and atrial fibrillation is recommended 120-480 mg divided into 3 or 4 doses. The maximum daily dose = 480 mg. In a day, the dose for arterial hypertension = from 120 to 360 mg in 3 divided doses.

Children younger than 6 years of age are prescribed for rhythm disturbances. In a day is recommended from 80 to 120 mg for 2-3 reception.

Children of 6-14 years of age are prescribed only with an irregular heart rhythm. Dosage per day = 80-360 mg, divided by 2-4 times.

For patients with violations of liver function dose is chosen carefully, starting with minimal. For example, 2-3 times a day give 40 mg (per day 80-120 mg). The drug cannot be prescribed for 7 days after myocardial infarction. At the end of therapy, it is canceled gradually.

What may interact with Generic Calan SR?

Significantly reduce the effect of the drug: non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications, sympathomimetic agents, Rifampicin, Phenobarbital, medications containing high doses of calcium or hormones (estrogen).

With aspirin, there is a risk of bleeding.

With drugs containing carbamazepine and lithium, there is a risk of depressive states, drowsiness, dizziness, memory impairment and attention.

When taking this medication (depending on the individual characteristics of the body and the patient's age), there may be side effects such as: dizziness, swelling of the body, migraine, frequent fatigue, ringing in the ears, difficulty swallowing, a sharp increase in appetite, weight gain, nausea, stomach discomfort, itching of the skin, trembling of the upper limbs, anxiety, fainting.

All of the above Calan SR side effects are temporary and pass after the cancellation of drug.

What should I watch for while taking Calan SR?

Calan SR drug is not prescribed during pregnancy and breastfeeding because of insufficient data on taking the drug in pregnant and lactating women. It is known that the main substance of the drug is able to penetrate the placental barrier.

1. Calan SR should be taken with extreme caution in the pathology of the liver and kidneys.

2. This drug can be bought only if you have a doctor's prescription or without it you can buy Generic Calan SR online.

3. Refers to potent drugs that need to be stored separately from other medicines.

4. If the reception is abruptly stopped, a "withdrawal syndrome" may occur.

5. At the beginning of taking the drug should, if possible, refuse to manage any transport and complex mechanisms.

During therapy with this medication, periodic diagnosis of the heart and respiratory organs, as well as the level of sugar and electrolytes in the blood, is necessary.

What side effects may I notice from Generic Calan SR?

When you take a dose of a medicine that is much higher than recommended, the following main symptoms occur: excessive lowering of blood pressure, increased blood sugar in the blood serum, a sharp short-term cessation of cardiac activity.

Where can I keep Calan SR?

The medicine must be kept in a dry place inaccessible to children. The maximum permissible temperature is 25 C. Shelf life - 5 years. You can buy Calan SR without prescription in Finland online pharmacy.

Active Ingredient: Verapamil
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Active Ingredient: Verapamil
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