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Generic Benzoyl

Product name: Generic Benzoyl

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Active Ingredient:Benzoyl Peroxide

Manufacturer: Cosme Farma Laboratories Ltd.

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What is Generic Benzoyl?Benzoyl gel for topical application gives excellent results in the fight against acne, both with individual, rarely occurr..
  • Benzoyl (Benzoyl Peroxide):2.5% 20g × 1 gel, 2.5% 20g × 2 gel, 2.5% 20g × 3 gel, 2.5% 20g × 4 gel, 2.5% 20g × 5 gel, 5% 20g × 1 gel, 5% 20g × 2 gel, 5% 20g × 3 gel, 5% 20g × 4 gel, 5% 20g × 5 gel
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What is Generic Benzoyl?

Benzoyl gel for topical application gives excellent results in the fight against acne, both with individual, rarely occurring, and with quite serious chronic rashes. The composition of the drug includes several active substances that stimulate one another, significantly enhancing the overall effect. The result becomes noticeable after two weeks of continuous use.

The drug, according to reviews of cosmetologists and users, has the best effect on acne. The drug fights against mild (the presence of closed and open acne without inflammation) and the average (about 40 acne on the skin of the face) the severity of the disease. Cream-gel prevents neoplasm and destroys already existing comedones, in addition it reduces the production of sebum and inflammatory processes.

• Under the influence of Benzoyl, all pyogenic microorganisms die;

• Bacteria will never be able to get used to any acne medication that includes peroxides;

• It quickly saturates the oxygen-free environment of the comedon with oxygen, thereby inhibiting the multiplication of bacteria.

In what kind of disease treatment Benzoyl is helpful?

The use of benzoyl peroxide is justified, first of all, in the treatment of the common acne vulgaris "pubertal period", and only then to reduce the inflammatory processes on the skin and give it a normal healthy appearance. By normalizing the lipid balance and reducing the level of fatty acids, a reduction in the number of comedones is achieved.

What should I tell my health care provider before I take Generic Benzoyl?

Benzoyl peroxide (regardless of the dosage form) and preparations based on it are prohibited for people who are hypersensitive or have an individual intolerance to the substance.

Do not use the drug for elderly people and children under 12 years. Women during pregnancy and lactation are better off refraining from using medication.

How should I take Benzoyl?

The gel is used exclusively for external use. The composition is applied topically, directly to the affected area and slightly rubbed. Due to its light consistency, the gel is easily and quickly absorbed into the skin.

Dosage information

This drug is recommended for adults and children from the age of 12 years.

It must be applied daily to damaged skin areas with a very thin layer and left to dry completely, also do not forget that your skin should be pre-cleaned thoroughly. Just wash it with a mild cleanser, and then rinse thoroughly with warm water. Particular care must be taken for the dosage of the remedy, since an excessive amount of the drug, instead of helping, will aggravate your problem. If you have noticed an increase in dry skin and peeling, just reduce the frequency of the gel. Cosmetologists and dermatologists, it is recommended to use this drug from 2 weeks to a month. Please note that using the gel Benzoyl should not exceed 3-month lines!

Before applying the drug, it is desirable to cool the skin by driving it with an ice cube for 1-2 minutes. Thanks to cooling, the time of action of benzoyl peroxide increases and its decomposition slows down.

As a result of the action of cold, there is a reduction in the edema of the tissues that occurs in any inflammatory process, which leads to a deeper penetration of the drug and an increase in its therapeutic effect.

What may interact with Generic Benzoyl?

If possible, simultaneously with benzoyl peroxide, do not use drying and irritating agents (alcohol-containing products, scrubs).

What should I watch for while taking Benzoyl?

Sometimes there are unpleasant moments during the application of Benzoyl, which is a strong oxidant and when in contact with hair it discolours them.

Especially cautious it is necessary to conduct therapy for patients with regional enteritis or ulcerative colitis (chronic inflammation of the large intestine). It is also worthwhile to carefully treat patients with atopic dermatitis, as using Benzoyl can significantly dry the skin. If you suddenly have a prolonged diarrhea or if you suffer from abdominal cramps, it is worth stopping therapy immediately, as these symptoms can be a sign of colitis. Also, some patient’s therapy can last up to 6 weeks, and only after such a long time it will be possible to notice the result.

Attention! When using the gel, be very careful. Exclude any contact with the oral cavity, mucous membranes of the eyes, as well as with eczematous areas of the skin. It is also worth knowing that the drug can discolor hair, as well as colored fabrics.

During use, prolonged exposure to direct sunlight should be avoided, and irritation may occur.

What side effects may I notice from Generic Benzoyl?

The maximum duration of treatment is 3 months (without interruptions). For this period, the drug can not cure only an extremely severe degree of acne, so if this type of disease is diagnosed, drug should be combined with other drugs (antibiotics or retinoids for internal use) from the very beginning of the treatment. Applying the drug for longer than 3 months is strongly discouraged.

At the beginning of the use of benzoyl peroxide, an imaginary deterioration often occurs (the exfoliation of the skin on the infected areas increases).

Quite frequent Benzoyl side effects are allergic reactions, which on normal skin are manifested in the form of redness, irritation, burning sensation, tingling, and light itching.

On sensitive skin, allergic reactions can cause the appearance of hyperemia and severe peeling, swelling. In this case, it is necessary to reduce the dosage and intensity of rubbing the preparation.

Where can I keep Benzoyl?

It is necessary to know that all preparations based on peroxides are not resistant in the external environment and with a slight increase in temperature can quickly decay and lose their effectiveness, which leads to practically zero result in treatment. Benzoyl is best stored in the refrigerator and after application put it back. You can buy Benzoyl without prescription in Italy online pharmacy.

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Benzoyl (Benzoyl Peroxide)
2.5% 20g × 1 gel, 2.5% 20g × 2 gel, 2.5% 20g × 3 gel, 2.5% 20g × 4 gel, 2.5% 20g × 5 gel, 5% 20g × 1 gel, 5% 20g × 2 gel, 5% 20g × 3 gel, 5% 20g × 4 gel, 5% 20g × 5 gel
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Generic Benzoyl

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