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Product name: Generic Anafranil SR

Category: Mental Disorders, Disease, Countries sales

Active Ingredient: Clomipramine

Manufacturer: Sun Pharma

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What is Generic Anafranil SR?

This drug is a tricyclic antidepressant. Anafranil SR works by restoring the balance of certain natural substances (serotonin, in particular) in the brain.
The main pharmacological effect is the inhibition and restraint of the reuptake of norepinephrine and neurotransmitter serotonin. Its therapeutic effect is widely known - it is alpha-adrenololytic, as well as anticholinergic, antiallergic and antiserotonergic. It causes blockade of membrane serotonin receptors.
Having started the course, you can feel clinical improvement only after 2 - 3 weeks, excellent effect on depressive states, minimizing the main indications - psychomotor, sluggishness, suppressed emotions, psychasthenia. The pharmacokinetic properties include the immediate absorption of the drug from the gastrointestinal tract, while the overall bioavailability will invariably be about 50%. In the liver, an active biotransformer, N-desmethyl clomipramine, is formed.

In what kind of disease treatment Anafranil SR is helpful?

It is used to treat symptoms of OCD, such as repetitive actions, repetitive thoughts or feelings.
The drug Anafranil SR received the most positive responses during therapy of various depressive conditions (neurotic, involutional, endogenous, reactive, organic character of depression). Also, the drug actively influences the depression that is present in the base of schizophrenia, as well as the depressive state caused by:
• protracted pain;
• anxiety attacks;
• pain syndrome in cancer patients;
• suffering from migraines;
• rheumatism;
• peripheral neuropathy;
• senile melancholy of painful nature;
• somatic chronic diseases;
• cataplexy;
• narcolepsy.
In childhood:
• OCD syndrome of compulsive states;
• children's urinary incontinence at night.
It is possible to appoint only to patients who have reached the age of five, with the correct evaluation by a specialist of the ratio of possible complications and risks with potential benefits. Alternative therapy is prescribed and selected only by the attending physician. Clinical laboratory studies with reliable results on safety and efficacy in adolescents and children have not been received. Doctors warns about reading instruction especially if patients buy Generic Anafranil SR.

What should I tell my health care provider before I take Generic Anafranil SR?

• sensitivity to components and the main active ingredient;
• intolerance of medications of tricyclic antidepressant and dysenzazepine group;
• concurrent administration of MAO-inhibitors / selective inhibitors of group A (permissible only after 2 weeks);
• a myocardial infarction transferred in the recent past;
• chronic syndrome of prolonged QT interval;
• pregnancy;
• childhood;
• use caution to prescribe elderly patients. The control of the general condition is required.

How should I take Anafranil SR?

Anafranil SR medication should be taken orally, preferably after ingestion or during this process.

Dosage information

For the therapy of phobias, depressive and obtrusive conditions, it is necessary to take Anafranil SR dose up to three times a day, in an amount of 25 mg. The amount of the drug taken is regularly increased to 100-150 mg. After the patient's condition improved, he/she can be transferred to maintenance treatment - 50-100 mg of medicine per day.

What may interact with Generic Anafranil SR?

Parallel use of antipsychotic drugs for brain injuries of different etymologies requires an additional appointment of anticonvulsants since there is a well-known association of even minor biodoside preparations and the occurrence of convulsions.
If it is necessary to carry out any kind of anesthesia, the doctor should be warned about the patient's admission of medication Anafranil SR.

What should I watch for while taking Anafranil SR?

Do not share this medication with others. The above drug may not be allowed to be used by certain categories of patients. The drug is not recommended: after necrosis of the heart tissue, as well as after severe poisoning with alcohol or drugs. Closed glaucoma, as well as severe impairment of visibility, may be a cause of withdrawal syndrome.
Possible symptoms of an overdose: fast / irregular heartbeat, fainting, severe dizziness, light-headedness, convulsions, loss of consciousness.
Studies of admission during pregnancy are limited. The data obtained during clinical-laboratory testing indicate the relationship of tricyclic antidepressants and frequent disruptions in the normal development of the fetus. It is recommended that you stay away from taking Anafranil SR during this period. An exception may be emergency episodes, when the predicted result prevails over the potential risks for the child.
As a result of taking classical antidepressants, newborns showed up in the first day: shortness of breath, increased drowsiness, acute attacks of colic, neurasthenia, increased blood pressure, arterial hypotension, trainer, convulsions. It is necessary to immediately cancel the drug at least seven weeks before the planned labor.
With breastfeeding and a one-time admission of drug, the saturation of the components of the medication is very high in breast milk. Therefore, it is not necessary to take it during the lactation period. When the treatment course exceeds the average, special attention is paid to regular sanitation of the oral cavity, due to the frequent problems with caries due to the medication.

What side effects may I notice from Generic Anafranil SR?

• drowsiness / fatigue / irritability / anxiety;
• uncontrolled appetite;
• disorientation in space;
• confusion / convulsions;
• violation of sleep;
• manic syndromes;
• retention of urine;
• blurred vision;
• arrhythmia / hypotension / increased pressure;
• vomiting / diarrhea;
• allergic reactions.

Where can I keep Anafranil SR?

Keep the drug in a protected from children place, far away from sunlight at a room temperature. You can also buy Anafranil SR without prescription in international pharmacies like France online pharmacy.
Active Ingredient: Clomipramine
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Active Ingredient: Clomipramine
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