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Product Code: Aldara (Imiquimod)
Brand: Glenmark
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Aldara (Imiquimod)
5% 0.25g × 3 cream, 5% 0.25g × 6 cream
Product description

What is Generic Aldara?

In the cream Aldara the main acting substance is Imiquimod. The exact principle of work is not known, but the approximate mechanics is the following. This substance enhances the production of natural antiviral substances in the human body. This increases the local resistance to the virus. Thus, skin defects disappear due to their own immunity, and this cream only stimulates it and directs it.

The main effect of the drug is the stimulation of the synthesis of its own interferon in the human body. And it is already its interferon in elevated doses and destroys viral particles and tumor cells.

The drug has proved itself as a quality preparation for the destruction of genital papillomas in the area of reproductive organs and the anus zone. Reviews among patients are not numerous due to the high Aldara price. However, the available reviews are predominantly positive. The use of drug in genital warts in 90% of cases leads to a cure. However, the magnitude and prevalence of rashes is important. For large and multiple condylomata, it is necessary to add to the treatment antivirals injectively or in tablets.

Do not forget that HPV activates with a decrease in immunity, so a set of measures is needed to strengthen the immune system.

In what kind of disease treatment Aldara is helpful?

In general, Aldara medication is used to treat skin diseases, especially those caused by viruses. It helps better in the treatment of papillomas, kandil, various types of warts. Successfully applied in the elimination of keratoses and basil.

What should I tell my health care provider before I take Generic Aldara?

Inform your physician about:

- You use other drugs to treat your problem, including other drugs;

- Allergy to main substance;

- The cream is not intended for intravaginal treatment (female reproductive tract), urethral (where urine flows) intra-anal warts. Studies of the use of medication in these cases have not been conducted;

- If the medicine package is broken or there are traces of opening; after the expiry date indicated on the package or sachets. Be sure to read instruction if you buy Aldara online.

How should I take Aldara?

It is enough to cover the skin with a thin layer. After you apply the cream on the right place - always wash your hands with soap. This is very important, because otherwise the cream can get into the eyes or other mucous membranes.

Dosage information

Apply cream on the desired area in the evening and left it till morning, about 6-10 hours. This is optimal. Already in the first week you will see improvements.

1) It is best to be treated in the evening, before going to bed.

2) Wash area with soap.

3) Dry it.

4) Open one sachet, take a little ointment with your finger and rub it lightly into the lesion.

5) The first time it is desirable to use a half dose of cream.

6) Smear all sites on a skin where there are pathological formations.

7) After handling, discard the bag (do not store it open!)

8) Do not use patch on the treatment site.

9) You can impose a non-tight bandage or gauze bandage.

10) After lubricating wash hands.

11) Do not wet your lesion.

12) After 8-10 hours wash this area with warm water and soap.

For the treatment of papillomas and warts: use three times a week, once a day, preferably at night. Treatment stops when the warts completely disappear. However, do not delay the process for more than 16 weeks.

In keratosis: twice a week, once a day.

In basal cell carcinoma: five days a week, once a day. It should be applied in the area of ten millimeters around the focus of the disease. Basal treatment takes six weeks.

Men need to be careful when lubricating with Aldara ointment the prepuce of the penis. How to apply: remove the foreskin and apply cream. Be sure to wash the foreskin daily with warm water. With a pronounced local reaction, with edema and erosion in this area, the drug should be discontinued. Otherwise, phimosis may develop, which will require emergency urological care.

What may interact with Generic Aldara?

Minimal absorption through the skin should limit interaction with the drugs of systemic action and that is why you need to inform your physician about all medication you use before therapy with Generic Aldara.

What should I watch for while taking Aldara?

Do not:

• Smear in the mouth, inside the vagina, inside the urethra and inside the anus (ineffective and there will be very strong irritation).

• Smear inside and around the eyes and nostrils (there will be swelling and irritation).

• Take internally.

• To be exposed to sunlight and tanning lamps (there will be a burn!)

• Apply too much cream and smear a large area of healthy skin (there will be irritation and Aldara side effects).


• 1) If the patient has HIV, the drug should be approved with his infectious disease specialist, since the immune system may simply not respond to treatment.

• 2) If the patient is pregnant, it should be possible to refuse the use of this medicine.

• 3) You should also stop breastfeeding.

If you have any adverse reactions during treating - it is worth stopping the course and waiting a few days. Do not overdo it. Be especially careful around the mucous membranes. It can cause irritating reactions, since the skin's resistance to active elements contained in the cream is low.

What side effects may I notice from Aldara?

• Skin irritation: redness, small sores, erosion, swelling, burning and slight soreness, small blisters and wetness. Most often this is a normal reaction to Imiquad. This means that in the skin processes of recovery are actively proceeding, there is a struggle between immune cells and pathological cells.

If irritation increases, if unbearable, if the area of irritation significantly exceeds the treatment area, it is necessary to wash the preparation with water and soap and take a break for 3-4 days.

• Systemic reactions (they are extremely rare): headache, nausea, vomiting, muscle pain.

Carefully follow the instructions for the use of cream, then the side effects will be minimal. Applying too much cream can lead to severe skin reactions. If you applied too much cream, just rinse off excess cream with water and mild soap. When the skin calms down, you can continue the usual course.

Where can I keep Aldara?

Keep the medication at a safe place with low humidity at a room temperature. You can also buy Aldara without prescription in Finland online pharmacy.

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Aldara (Imiquimod)
5% 0.25g × 3 cream, 5% 0.25g × 6 cream
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Generic Aldara
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