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Product name: Adalat (Nifedipine)

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Active Ingredient: Nifedipine

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What is Generic Adalat?

These tablets belong to a group of the calcium antagonists. So far, this drug remains one of the most "popular" drugs in cardiology, doctors prescribe it very often. They can be administered 1 time per day instead of 2-4 times a day as it was before.

Generic Adalat belongs to the group of calcium antagonists’ medications, dihydropyridine derivatives. The other two subgroups of calcium antagonists are benzothiazepines and phenylalkylamines. This group of drugs has the following advantages:

  • More pronounced ability to relax blood vessels;
  • There is no influence on the function of pacemaker and atrioventricular conduction;
  • Reduced ability to inhibit contractility of the left ventricle of the heart.

These differences are largely determined by the practical application features of dihydropyridine calcium channel blockers in general and in particular Nifedipine.

In what kind of disease treatment Adalat is helpful?

The main indications for use of hypertension Generic Adalat is a high blood pressure and angina in patients who suffer from chronic ischemic heart disease. In accordance with all international guidelines, this group of drugs is on the list of medicines for hypertension of first choice which means - the main.

Additional indications for its purpose:

  • elderly patients;
  • isolated systolic hypertension;
  • peripheral artery disease (in the legs) and / or the carotid artery;
  • pregnancy.

Pregnancy is one of the most important indications for the use of this medication. Dihydropyridine calcium antagonists are considered to be more or less safe drugs for the treatment of hypertension in pregnant women. Do not self prescribe during pregnancy in hypertension using of it.

Nifedipine 24-hour action in the treatment of hypertension not only lowers blood pressure but also greatly protect internal organs. Organ protective effect of Adalat in the following ways:

  • Reduction of remodeling of the left ventricle of the heart;
  • Optimization of tissue blood supply;
  • A beneficial effect on kidney function;
  • Improving the functional state of the retina.

According to reviews of Generic Adalat is commonly used to treat coronary heart disease. It clearly reduces pain in the heart, reduces the frequency of angina attacks in patients and reduces the need for taking nitroglycerin. All of this has been proven in clinical studies in the early 1980s. While taking in the dosage form prolonged action increases exercise tolerance. This drug is as effective in case of problems with the heart is not inferior to beta-blockers and nitrates.

What should I tell my health care provider before I take Generic Adalat?

If you buy Generic Adalat without prescription then you should know about contraindications to the appointment of it:

  • hypotension (excessively low blood pressure);
  • cardiogenic shock;
  • hypersensitivity to the drug.

Not recommended to prescribe this medicine with unstable coronary heart disease after myocardial infarction.

How should I take Adalat?

The long-acting tablets require special handling. They cannot be crumbled or dissolved in the mouth. These medications should be swallowed immediately with water. It is forbidden to divide the tablet in order to reduce the dosage if the instruction of Generic Adalat does not say that you can do it.

Dosage information

At the initial stage of therapy is allowed two - three times daily for one 10 mg pill. The maximum permissible dose a day is 40 mg of Nifedipine. If you purchase Generic Adalat online – read the instruction that you can find in the package.

What may interact with Generic Adalat?

When using it simultaneously with other drugs are observed:

  • Increased severity of blood pressure lowering with tricyclic antidepressants, diuretics, other antihypertensive agents, Ranitidine, Cimetidine;
  • Strengthening of the hypotensive effect of Nifedipine and tachycardia with nitrates;
  • The likelihood of significant decrease in blood pressure with beta-blockers, worsening of heart failure in some cases (medical supervision required);
  • Reduction in blood plasma concentration of Quinidine;
  • An increase in the blood concentration of Digoxin plasma Theophylline;
  • Metabolism acceleration and attenuation, as a result, action of Rifampicin with Nifedipine.

What should I watch for while taking Adalat?

To improve the tolerability and reduce unwanted effects is useful to combine with beta-blockers, drugs for hypertension or other groups.

If the patient has kidney disease due to diabetes or other reasons - the target blood pressure level will be 130/80 for him, rather than 140/90, both for people with healthy kidneys. If proteinuria (urinary excretion of protein) is more than 1 g per day - the target blood pressure is even lowering - 125/75.

Short-acting form is only suitable for emergency care when you need to quickly stop the hypertensive crisis. If you take a rapid-acting for a long time - it will increase the risk of heart attack and stroke.

What side effects may I notice from Generic Adalat?

  • It has no adverse effect on cholesterol and uric acid in the blood. Side effects of Generic Adalat are often observed:
  • swelling of the lower legs;
  • headache;
  • redness of the skin;
  • dizziness;
  • palpitations (tachycardia).

It was found out that almost 40% of the patients have:

  • dizziness - 12.1%;
  • swelling in the legs - 7,7%;
  • feeling the heat - 7.4%;
  • complaints from the gastrointestinal tract - 7.5%;
  • increased angina - 1.2%.

Modern formulations tolerated much better than the previous generation of tablets of short action. Most side effects of Nifedipine due to the fact that this drug has a vasodilating properties - "relaxes" blood vessels. Because of this there are unpleasant symptoms that have been listed above. These effects are very dependent on the dosage and on much whether "jumps" the concentration of the active substance in the blood. Therefore, with the advent of tablets of prolonged action on the complaints of patients side effects have decreased by several times.

Where can I keep Adalat?

Store the drug in a dry place. Do not let kids play with the package. Also you can buy Generic Adalat online.

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