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Product name: Duphaston (Dydrogesterone)

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Active Ingredient: Dydrogesterone

Manufacturer: Solvay Pharmaceuticals

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What is Generic Duphaston?

It is a synthetic hormone drug that is an analog of natural progesterone. The active substance of the drug is synthesized in the laboratory. Thus, the drug remains those effects that are necessary for its use in women with gynecological diseases, but there is no majority of side effects.
According to the instruction Duphaston has no effect on virtually any system, except sexual. While natural progesterones affect the entire female body. Duphaston drug due to its composition, in contrast to drugs of natural origin, does not give the following effects:
• estrogenic;
• androgenic (masculinity and virilization, that is, the appearance of secondary sexual characteristics of the male body);
• corticosteroid;
• changes in the temperature curve;
• disturbances in metabolic processes;
• negative effects on the fetus (including androgenic).
According to the description of the drug, its main effect is the effect on progestin cells, which are located in the mucous layer of the uterus. It has a beneficial effect on the secretion of the endometrium, but only if the woman does not have estrogen deficiency. In the opposite situation, you have to simultaneously take two types of hormones. Duphaston medication does not have any effect on ovulation, that is, it does not interfere with it and does not cause temporary infertility for the period of treatment.
Among the pharmacokinetic features there is a complete excretion within three days after administration. Most of the drug goes away with urine. Almost all the agent found in the body binds to blood proteins and is maximally concentrated for two hours. Despite excretion through the kidneys does not accumulate in patients with renal insufficiency.

In what kind of disease treatment Duphaston is helpful?

Since the composition of Duphaston includes synthetic progesterone, then the agent, respectively, is prescribed if this hormone is deficient. It is also prescribed in:
• pregnancy with a history of a previous abortion;
• threatening spontaneous miscarriage (right up to abortion in the process);
• detachment of the placenta due to a lack of progesterone;
• endometriosis (proliferation of endometrial cells beyond adequate localization);
• any menstrual irregularity caused by a lack of progesterone, provided that low hormone levels are confirmed by laboratory tests (direct indications for administration: amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea expressed by PMS, and so on);
• absence of ovaries (hormone replacement therapy after surgery with removal of the female's reproductive system);
• menopause.
The drug is actively used in pregnant women, preventing a large number of spontaneous miscarriages. In the presence of additional estrogen deficiency, planned substitution therapy is recommended during pregnancy planning with the simultaneous administration. After conception, the use of estrogens ceases immediately, and progesterones are left.

What should I tell my health care provider before I take Generic Duphaston?

Description of Duphaston pills always contains information about contraindications. The doctor before the appointment of the drug must find out their presence in the woman. The medicine is forbidden to use in the following situations:
• in the presence of some severe diseases of the liver apparatus;
• in individual intolerance to the hormonal agent.
There are no other contraindications to use, but if there are any suspicious symptoms after the start of treatment (not indicated in the side effects), you should immediately consult a doctor.
In no case you can stop taking your medication yourself, because its abolition has its own characteristics. Among the Duphaston side effects there is no increase in body weight, so when a pregnant woman complains about this effect of the drug, you should explain to her that the medicine does not affect the metabolism in general. In the instruction it is indicated that when prescribing the wrong dosages of the remedy, there may be uterine bleeding, which is stopped by an increase in the amount of medication. Individual hypersensitivity to the drug may show moderate signs of an allergic reaction. Such a state is rare. Always, when there is an atypical reaction of the body to the drug, you should immediately go to the hospital.

How should I take Duphaston?

The way it is used is also due to the peculiarities of the woman's menstrual cycle. According to it, the increase in progesterones occurs after ovulation, that is, from 11 to 25 days of the cycle. It is these days that drug is taken. In some situations, the use of a hormone from 5 to 25 days of the menstrual cycle is required. If the drug is used in conjunction with estrogen as a full replacement therapy, the doctor will prescribe the daily intake schedule.

Dosage information

On average, the daily dose of the drug can be from 10 to 40 mg, depending on the degree of failure and the diagnosis.

What may interact with Generic Duphaston?

Cases of incompatibility and interaction with other drugs are not known.

What should I watch for while taking Duphaston?

There are some peculiarities in the cessation of treatment, since a one-time stopping of Duphaston therapy can trigger a withdrawal syndrome. The dosage of the drug should be gradually decreased.

What side effects may I notice from Duphaston?

• from the genitourinary system, periodic bleeding, expressed pain during menstruation, increased uterine fibroids, vaginal candidiasis (thrush), changes in the structure of cervical erosions, cystitis-like syndrome;
• possible increase and pain in the mammary glands;
• nausea, vomiting, flatulence, abdominal cramps, cholestatic jaundice;
• possible hemorrhages on the skin, carding, allergic reactions of skin;
• increased curvature of the cornea of the eye, may develop intolerance of contact lenses;
• migraines, headaches, dizziness, depression;
• weight fluctuations, changes in carbohydrate metabolism, changes in libido, leg cramps.

Where can I keep Duphaston?

Keep the drug in a low-humidity place at a room temperature. You can buy Duphaston without prescription in international pharmacies like Norway online pharmacy.

Active Ingredient: Dydrogesterone
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Active Ingredient: Dydrogesterone
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