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Welcome to the Drugsler! Online price monitoring, dosage and useful information of your medication

Drugsler is your personal medical guide. This site was created to introduce people to different medications, which in turn will help them stay healthy and effectively treat diseases.

Many of us almost never read pills description before taking them. "What for?" you might ask. "After all, this drug was prescribed to me by the doctor or I was advised by a pharmacist in a pharmacy. They know better." But it is we who are responsible for our health, so the more we know about medications, the more likely that they will help us cure or treat diseases, and the treatment itself will be safe.

It should be noted that “to read” and “to understand” a medication instruction are completely different things. A set of specific terms and incomprehensible words often used in annotations completely discourages the desire to read it carefully and thoroughly. That's why on the website Drugsler you can find information about pills written in simple and understandable language.

Any doctor will tell you that for safety reasons, you should never throw away medicines information. This is certainly true, but in reality, it is not always possible to follow this rule. Fortunately, there is the Internet and Drugsler. Visit this site at any time convenient for you and read drugs information.

It's so easy to forget how to take a drug, at what dosage, under what conditions it should be stored. If you have any new symptoms, the drug overview will always help to determine if this symptom has arisen as a result of taking this drug or you should consult a doctor for additional advice. On the Drugsler website, this information can be found in a matter of seconds.

Examining full medicines description is an awesome habit. Lear information about what you are taking, whether taking the drug in your particular case is safe, how to increase the beneficial effect of drugs and minimize possible adverse effects.

Convenient design of the website and an understandable division of medications into categories, reliable information and a huge catalog of medicine reviews are the main advantages of Drugsler.

You no longer need to search for answers to your questions about medicines on different websites and waste your time trying to understand complex terms. On the website Drugsler all the necessary information is collected in one place. Just enter in the search line the name of the pills that you are interested in and get full pills information: indications for use, contra-indications, possible side effects, how to take this medicine correctly, special instructions.

Do not neglect to read information about pills. And be healthy!